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so, is this wiki currently up an running? email: if it is....please?

Yes, it is. It just isn't very active. Feel free to get involved and start editing (there's an editing tutorial if you need it). Angela (talk) 02:31, 29 July 2006 (UTC)

Well This Stinks

Okay. I know that rarely anyone veiws these things but I just think that I should make a point before this problem goes out of control. This site seems very unorgainezed. What I mean is there are muliple articles on the same thing. Is there any way we can fix this problem? I realy enjoy working on this wiki but unless we fix it up I might just find another wiki to work on... and that'll stink because I WANT to help this wiki. Please, just fix things up before it's too late. I'll help to if you'll tell me how! User: LoneWolf 5

If there are 2 pages on the same topic, you can merge them together by copying the text to one of them and then making the 2nd into a redirect. To make a redirect, just type
#Redirect [[New page name]]
on the page you want to redirect. Here is a list of all articles. Let me know if you need any more help. Angela talk 08:12, 16 November 2006 (UTC)
Thank you! Do you mind if I ask another question? How do people get those vertical lines up?
I'm not sure what you mean. Where are there vertical lines? Angela talk 04:51, 19 November 2006 (UTC)
Like on the main page of this site there are vertical lines seperating the different sections.
Do you mean the ones like this: | or the borders of the sections? The borders are from a table. To make a table, type this:
| style="padding: .3em .7em .4em; border: 1px solid #b9ffb9; color: #000; background-color: #f3fff3"|
First column
| style="padding: .3em .7em .4em; border: 1px solid #b9ffb9; color: #000; background-color: #f3fff3"|
Second column
It will appear as:

First column

Second column

To get the vertical bar character, you can just press it on your keyboard if you have that character. On mine, it's next to the shift key, but it does vary. Have a look for it. If you don't have one, you might need to copy and paste it from elsewhere on the page. Angela talk 06:30, 20 November 2006 (UTC)

New Symbol

You know that symbol that shows in your upper left corner? Well, we need to change it. Please tell me how so I can try to find one or fix it yourself. Maybe we can vote on it. But seeming like I'm one of the few people that come on this site everyday we'll just go for whatever we get right now.

You just need to upload a png file at Special:Upload. It should be called Wiki.png and be no more than 150px high or wide. Angela talk 21:07, 30 December 2006 (UTC)
How about this image? image:Wiki.PNG
I like it. I've moved it to Wiki.png so it'll show up properly as the logo. If you don't see it, try refreshing your cache by pressing Ctrl and F5 on this page. Angela talk 03:52, 20 January 2007 (UTC)
I came here cause I was wondering about how active this wiki was. And I see you've been making a new logo. It's an ok idea, but I don't like the squashing, or the fact that there is not shadow on the pedia text and the white area clearly cuts off the logo. So I went to the trouble of making another one (on the left). Feel free to use it if you like. Hmmmmm... I'm just contemplating if I should do the same thing here that I did with the gaiapedia. The only difference between what The Gaiapedia started out as and how this wiki is now, is that the first founder of the gaiapedia stayed for 3 months before she abandoned it, and there was more content. But I might be up to another position for adopting something since it is easier to start up content than it is to clean up a huge mess. I can deal with what's here. Dantman (Talk)
I like this image better :)

Organization Overview

I'm not exactly part of the community as of now unless someone picks me out. But as I see it, these are some of the things that would need to be done.

  • The Main Page needs a rewrite.
  • The About pages needs some tweaking and the Copyrights should be fixed and probably moved to Disclamer.(these usualy are done by the admin of a wiki in my experience)
  • The pages need to be placed in categorys (Character pages with links are used instead of categorys for some odd reason?
  • Some of the basic pages such as the Community Portal and Current events are also missing.

Obviously I didn't include things like the low ammount of content in the wiki in that list. Dantman (Talk) 09:24, 29 January 2007 (UTC)


Moved to Forum:Administration Titles

Dattebayo vs. Believe It

Moved to Forum:Dattebayo vs. Believe It


Moved to Forum:Names


I was wondering, how far should we go with spoilers? And should we make a little thing that says, 'This article contains spoilers'? —This unsigned comment was made by LoneWolf 5 (talkcontribs) on 15:21, 13 February 2007.

Erm.. Whoever wrote this: I think it's a requirement to warn people about spoilers. So yes. For how far? As far as you want, as long as there's a warning called "Spoilers begin here" or something, even though some people read spoilers when they're not that far (like me ><). -Dubtiger, 6:31pm EST.
I'll copy my advanced spoiler template from en.anime to here and put up some info on spoilers. Use {{spoiler|start}} to start a spoiler section, and {{spoiler|end}} to end a spoiler section. It'll start displaying correctly when I copy the template. Dantman (Talk) 10:18, 14 February 2007 (UTC)
There should be major spoiler warnings all over the place. I am only watching the Japanese episodes and I've managed to spoil myself while trying to learn about the past squads. I didn't need to know who is going to get killed by whom in the future. The way this site is anybody who isn't a managa reader has no business being here.

Spelling and clean up

Moved to Forum:Spelling and clean up

Main Page

I was wondering if I should slightly change the mission statment. I came up with it but when I looked at it when I came on I felt that it was saying that we don't like people who know nothing about Naruto who are the people that we want to TEACH about Naruto. Sorry that I haven't been on much French project. -LoneWolf 5

Well, then. Time for some disassembling: Dantman (Talk) 00:04, 28 February 2007 (UTC)
Original Revision 1 (Note: Refresh a few times to see how this works.)
We are the Narutopedia. We are the Narutopedia.
The community encyclopedia about Naruto.
We like people who are Naruto crazy. We love naruto, anime, and manga fans.
We don't like people who think that they know what Naruto is and don't. And wish to inform everyone else to.
Our goal, To become the best Naruto information site out there. Our goal; To become the best Naruto information site out there.

How about we move the wish thing after the goal and instert that we dislike vandalls? LoneWolf 5 18:05, 2 March 2007 (UTC)LoneWolf 5

I suggest not saying that you dislike vandals on the main page. It's obvious that they're not welcome, but pointing them out just encourages them to vandalise more since it becomes a game for them to try to annoy you more. It's better to Dissuade Interaction. Angela talk 19:23, 2 March 2007 (UTC)
I put the wish part after the part about naruto, anime, and manga fans as a way of stating that we want to include everyone, fans and non fans. Any other suggestions?Dantman (Talk) 21:43, 4 March 2007 (UTC)
I guess we'll use this. Dantman(CGANI)(talk|CGANI) 01:05, 11 March 2007 (UTC)
Let's go with it for now untill we can think of more things to add or changes that must be done. We need to change it quickly because I don't want to lose any more viewers because of my stupidity. LoneWolf 5 01:10, 11 March 2007 (UTC)LoneWolf 5
Wait! I got it. I know what we can hate now. 'We hate trying to figure out what to hate.' I came up with it last night. Lame, yes. Stupid, yes. I should hit myself on the head, yes. I should leave this site... maybe....LoneWolf 5 22:39, 12 March 2007 (UTC)LoneWolf 5
T_T But encyclopedias shouldn't hate anything. Except vandalism, but we're not supposed to mention that, Shhh... Plus that makes the intro statement to long. You don't half to leave. Everyone makes plenty of mistakes. As I remember reading in a poem in english class ("What Should He Tell That Son?" was the poem)(paraphrased of course because I don't have the poem or my paragraph here):
A mistake is not an error until you refuse to correct it.
~Dantman(talk) 22:46, 12 March 2007 (UTC)
Leave....I'd only do that when I had no time left, I died, I felt that other people where doing a better job of correcting, I have no self esteem, I hate Naruto (*gasp*), the world ends, this site becomes the best Naruto site out there and thus needs no more editting. I'm just feeling alittle down about trying to find out something to hate. In fact, I'm really starting to hate... hate.LoneWolf 5 23:49, 12 March 2007 (UTC)LoneWolf 5
Don't worry about the site getting to good. That would not only take years. But is something that would never happen. And if you ever found that you ran out of things to contribute here. Remember that there is the entire WAP to think about. ~Dantman(talk) 05:24, 13 March 2007 (UTC)


Someone please change that god-awful leaf symbol orange background found all over the site. This seems like a nice wiki, but I can bear to look at it too long. It is a MASSIVE EYESORE! 22:21, 21 August 2007 (UTC)

What you sugest to change for? A blue bg with mist symbols, orange bg with sand, green with leaf, all? Seizure...? -- 22:38, 21 August 2007 (UTC)

I have no idea. It doesn't HAVE to involve a village. In any case, the current is kinda lousy IMHO. 01:35, 23 August 2007 (UTC)

Then come up with a new one... Wiki are about collaboration. If you want something changed, come up with something to change it to yourself. Don't just say this sucks and expect someone else to fix it for you. The core point of a open wiki is that every random person can come along and contribute to making it better. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) current discussion Aug 23, 2007 @ 03:04 (UTC)

OMG! It's awful! It looks like some little kid pajamas! Someone please take it off! And put NOTHING on the place. Why a freaking background image on a wikia?

Yo! random person here, Use this pic with all the shinobi symbols its multi colored. I used it for my screensaver[[1]]
That's to high resolution, if we added that then it would slow down loading of the site and scare away readers without a good high-speed connection. Not to mention that there would be copyright issues with using that image. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) current discussion Oct 12, 2007 @ 04:39 (UTC)

I agree that the backround needs to be changed though, why not have like a compitition and have the readers of the site submit drawn images either scanned or computer generated and then vot eon it or something... that could be cool and no copywrite issues--EmoHokage 14:17, 26 March 2009 (UTC)

Also half those villages don't exist and i like this background kind of--DieJARJARDIE 21:03, 14 April 2009 (UTC)

Shipping article

may i suggest adding a shipping article to narutopedia? bulbapedia has it for pokemon characters and the naruto series holds ALOT of fan pairing and evidence of romance between characters. but its just a suggestion.

While I personally see it as very odd. (And borderline creepy, if you've seen the shippings I've run across) but whatever. As long as its not poorly written and crappy go for it.--TheUltimate3 02:08, 16 September 2007 (UTC)
Whoops rong one
I'm glad that shipping is being taken into consideration here, and I'd be glad to help any way I can. So when are these articles going to be started?--Kagimizu 19:05, 13 March 2009 (UTC)


I've been gazing around some files, and how come theres only one Image on an article? i've seen the wikipedia, and the wiki that i come from with alot of images.


First, is because pictures are hard to come by. Look at the article Naruto Jinchuriki Forms and you'll see quite a few, but I had to get images from the manga for them. If hadn't updated, we could have a picture for every jutsu but alas, its not possible (as of now). If you can find pictures of jutsus, and more pictures of characters I don't see a problem with adding them.--TheUltimate3 20:57, 29 October 2007 (UTC)

okay, are u the admin of this sight?


No, I'm just an immigrant from Wikipedia, who knows how things work around here I suppose. As I already said, pics are hard to come by but if you do find any that rational them right, I don't see a problem with them.--TheUltimate3 21:34, 30 October 2007 (UTC)

I'm the one who adopted the wiki. But other than them being hard to come by, we also need rationales when someone uploads an image. I half to delete any naruto image that people don't add a proper rationale and fair use template to because keeping them would be a copyright violation. So we need someone who can find images, but will properly tag them as fair use and create a rationale. Otherwise they are completely useless to helping the wiki and moreofften than not actually make working on the wiki harder if they can't tag. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) current discussion Oct 31, 2007 @ 17:47 (UTC)

I have a whole folder of images, kept specifically for the Naruto wiki. One problem: 1) Its ALOT of them. 2) Its ALOT of them. 3) I am missing most of the jutsus, regretably.--TheUltimate3 22:36, 31 October 2007 (UTC)
If the need arises, I can go jutsu searching for appearances in the manga (in good resolution, of course). --Dubtiger 00:12, 2 November 2007 (UTC)
^_^ I'd like to go image searching in episodes. But, of course I don't have the space for 251 episodes of the series. Heh, I need a big external drive. That would be much better than putting it on my computer. Heh, I could even take it to dads and watch, and even do the torrents when away. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) current discussion Nov 2, 2007 @ 05:32 (UTC)

so if you copied a video from youtube, what template would you put it on?


You wouldn't... Videos from YouTube are embedded and don't need attribution. But you wouldn't add those. Because any video from YouTube would be a fansub, dvd rip, or other form of illegally an imported episode. And putting it up here would be illegal and therefore you'll never see it done here and allowed. As for taking screenshots from YouTube, you won't. Because YouTube is about the absolute worst quality you'll find. If you're using a Video host to take screenshots you'll use a service like Stage6 or Veoh which actually keeps the full sized video and lets you download that and use that. Otherwise id advise using the torrents directly from the fansub groups. I won't lie in saying that most images come from fansubbed episodes. Quite simply because it's easier to do than using a bought DVD to capture a screenshot from, and also because most English people don't have DVD's which have the latter or Shippūden episodes. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) current discussion Nov 2, 2007 @ 05:30 (UTC)
Well' I have a question. How come some of these characters have apparently been shown in the anime, and yet no one has put up pictures to show them in their anime. I mean, if the pictures are clear and show their faces, why not take down the manga pictures and put up the anime ones, like you did with Kakuzu? One good example would be the, how you say, the Sanbi. If people have good enough pictures to show it's abilities, then why not change the Main Picture (the first picture someone sees on the article and is usually a face shot) to its Anime version?--Kagimizu 01:44, 14 March 2009 (UTC)

Naruto geography

Just a heads up, Wikipedia looks like they're going to be removing their article on wikipedia:Naruto geography (see wikipedia:Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Naruto geography (2nd nomination)), and I saw you guys didn't have a similar article here (at least not that I've seen yet). At the very least, the image in the article might make for a nice visual. Just thought I'd let someone know. -- Ned Scott 02:25, 5 November 2007 (UTC)

With the exception of the Village symbols, I saved the entire article here.--TheUltimate3 02:48, 5 November 2007 (UTC)

I deleted that one. The image has been uploaded and I imported the article. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) current discussion Nov 5, 2007 @ 17:00 (UTC)
Dang. Looked more complete than the current on up. Regardless, I archieved it as a subpage so I (or anyone) can move the numerous Lands we know of to it. Please don't delete it...--TheUltimate3 22:12, 5 November 2007 (UTC)
Looks like only the first 100 versions were imported. -- Ned Scott 02:16, 6 November 2007 (UTC)
I know, but I don't feel like hunting down more. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) current discussion Nov 8, 2007 @ 18:34 (UTC)

You can help

You can help by creating the nonexistent community portal page. HAHA!!! Madara uchiha99 18:48, 13 December 2007 (UTC)Madara uchiha99

Heh, never had a use for it. They classically were used for discussions, but we just use the Forum. Hmmm... Got an idea. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) current discussion Dec 14, 2007 @ 03:02 (UTC)


I think on this page there should be a reason why we do this stuff and what our goal is and the steps we must take on the way. It should probably go like this:

If we're going to be a wiki, we need to all work together.

We need to help each other, provide information, and upload images to keep up with the flow of an active manga.

So don't be shy! Start editing now! We are always welcoming to those who are willing to use their spare time to help the benefit of Naruto fans.

And we will never give up until we've reached our goal, because that's our Nindo; our ninja way!

Madara uchiha99 01:29, 27 January 2008 (UTC)Madara uchiha99


so why do all the articles end up being a page or so down when there is so much space atop? I don't understand, but then again I haven't been on this pedia much. So can we fix that?--SxeFluff 06:04, 7 July 2008 (UTC)

Due to the new monaco skin, there had to be changes to this revision and needed to be a two-columned format (correct me if I'm wrong) and so Dantman came up with this one. ~Kakashi Namikaze (talk) 22:22, 7 July 2008 (UTC)

oh. well it sounds like a good idea, given the tolerance of blank spots. Good to know--SxeFluff 16:29, 8 July 2008 (UTC)

Articles? The main page has been fixed up... But if for some reason article content is pushed down leaving a big white block in the upper left of the article area, please notify me. If that's the case there may be some incompatibility between our infobox code and Wikia's new skin. For that kind of thing I'd have to track down the issue and find out why it's doing it. It likely would have something to do with floats and float clearing, they can get tricky sometimes. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) current discussion Jul 8, 2008 @ 18:00 (UTC)
Maybe it has to do with the adds, in the new skin, I remember reading something at about the new skin having adds, either as a banner or as an add block. Omnibender 18:05, 8 July 2008 (UTC)
Yes, that is what I mean by the system. It's possible that our floats, their floats, and any clear: ...; in the page could conflict. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) current discussion Jul 9, 2008 @ 05:53 (UTC)

Cloud titleicon

Can anyone get a titleicon of Kumogakure's symbol for the Ninja loyalty? ~Kakashi Namikaze (talk) 14:01, 14 July 2008 (UTC)

We use the SVG's we already have for those. I've added Cloud to the loyalties for Kumogakure. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) current discussion Jul 14, 2008 @ 19:10 (UTC)

hyuga missing-nin

who was the Raikage talking about in chapter 417 when he said why is konoha taking so long with uchiha they certainly dealt with hyuga swiftly enough. He wasn't talking about a missing nin he was talking about the incident with neji's father. He was surprised that the leaf had let sasuke roam free just because his from a prominent family.

The hebrew Naruto-pedia

As you have seen there are links from some pages on the English naruto-pedia to the hebrew one, and the opposite. So, the only "missing-link" is the one from the main page to the hebrew naruto-pedia's main page.

The page is protected so only sysops here can change it, and this is a request from one of the sysops here to add the next line: [[he:]].


Itachi san,The Hebrew Naruto-pedia's founder

Unprotected... ~ NOTASTAFF Dantman(Talk)
Itachi san 18:55, 10 November 2008 (UTC)


How do you make the backround with the leaf village symbol? And how do you make it orange?The One and Only Haru Mclean Namikaze HaruElie | NaruHina | Kanji: ナミカゼ ハ ル マクリーン, Romaji: Namikaze Haru Makurīn

See MediaWiki:Monaco.css. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) current discussion Dec 6, 2008 @ 00:31 (UTC)
Thanks, Dan.The One and Only Haru Mclean Namikaze HaruElie | NaruHina | Kanji: ナミカゼ ハ ル マクリーン, Romaji: Namikaze Haru Makurīn

But where would that be put to make the backround?The One and Only Haru Mclean Namikaze HaruElie | NaruHina | Kanji: ナミカゼ ハ ル マクリーン, Romaji: Namikaze Haru Makurīn

And how did you put the picture i the site?!The One and Only Haru Mclean Namikaze HaruElie | NaruHina | Kanji: ナミカゼ ハ ル マクリーン, Romaji: Namikaze Haru Makurīn
If you're going to change the skin of any wiki you're going to have to learn CSS, there's no other way around it. Take a look at w:c:help:Help:Customizing Monaco. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) current discussion Dec 6, 2008 @ 22:47 (UTC)

Well, aside from that, I am now asking permission if I could put the same style on Rave Master Wiki, but with a different icon. The One and Only Haru Mclean Namikaze HaruElie | NaruHina | Kanji: ナミカゼ ハ ル マクリーン, Romaji: Namikaze Haru Makurīn

Well there's nothing stopping you. Just, please don't use an image cross-wiki, and make sure there are no @include lines to the shared ACG stuff. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Dec 12, 2008 @ 23:58 (UTC)

Info Boxes

Something is wrong with the info boxes the ages are not appearing in the age section instead they appear in whatever section is above it. is anyone else having this problem? also why don't we place the kekkei Genkai in the jutsu area? Viral Master

The Jutsu section is just for a limited set of jutsu, currently we list kekkei genkai using the Ninja kekkei genkai titleicon. The new infobox will have a special parameter for kekkei genkai.
It might be related but the /Personal sub-box of the infoboxes was vandalized twice earlier on. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Jan 19, 2009 @ 16:27 (UTC)

Featured Article?

Has there been any talk about adding a Featured Article section to the main page? I could do it and have it done as soon as given 'permission', so to speak, without disturbing the flow of the page. --SuperN 16:18, 12 March 2009 (UTC)

We already have Random Feature which is on the main page. If that thing never gets updated, you really think with wiki is up to the task of featuring articles? ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Mar 12, 2009 @ 17:15 (UTC)
I don't mind updating the featured page between one of the approved pages. SuperN 17:18, 12 March 2009 (UTC)

Editing Blocks

Hey there, I'm just wondering about something. I've noticed that some articles that were previously blocked are now open for editing (Kakashi, Sasuke, etc.). Now, what bugs me is that while I was editing Minato's article (How he could be revived if his soul is sealed within Naruto) and it was suddenly blocked, while I was editing! So, are people with that privelage aware of wether or not someone else is editing, or can they do that all willy-nilly? Jacce, you were the one who blocked it, so, could you please explain this tiny issue.--Kagimizu 20:12, 13 March 2009 (UTC)

He probably done it cause people were adding too much speculation. Also your edit might of been deleted anyway because of that speculation.--Inferuno Ryuu 20:17, 13 March 2009 (UTC)

It's impossible to know if anyone is currently editing an article. MediaWiki does not give out this info, and it would actually be quite hard to implement. Remember that any improvements you want to make can be put on the talkpage. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Mar 14, 2009 @ 10:15 (UTC)
Alright, now I have a question for you: How do you feel about shipping articles?--Kagimizu 16:15, 14 March 2009 (UTC)
See Forum:Pairings, discussion was done and the community decided to remove anything related to shipping from the wiki. That kind of stuff can be taken to the Naruto Fanon Wiki. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Mar 15, 2009 @ 13:27 (UTC)
Okay. The stuff I wanted to put on Minato was in the trivia, the part about his possible would-be appearence during the Konaha Invasion arc (That trivia I myself added, prior to signing up). I was going to mention how he would've been able to be resurrected, if his soul was sealed within his own son. Could someone maybe add that on for me?--Kagimizu 18:27, 17 March 2009 (UTC)

Indirect Results

Okay, I'm confused. When I went to the Mobius Encyclopaedia (Archie Sonic [Sonic The Hedgehog] Wiki) I found that it showed my username, complete with a userpage! So, when I signed up for one wiki, am I signed up for all of them? And if not, what the hell does Archie Sonic (my favorite video game series turned comic) have to do with Naruto (my favorite anime series)!?!? —This unsigned comment was made by Kagimizu (talkcontribs) on 10:34, March 15, 2009.

Wikia uses a shared user table. So yes, when you signup for an account on a Wikia wiki, you are signing up for a user account that goes across all of wikia, not just an account for that individual wiki. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Mar 15, 2009 @ 23:04 (UTC)
Yeah, guess I figured that out when the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki alerted me to a new message on this wiki. It also showed my username on the Sonic News Network (Sonic Wiki). Guess I don't have to worry about for having to sign up for all of these wikis!....Okay I was gonna try and think of a bad (or good) joke for this moment, but I'm drawing a blank. Anyone got any ideas?:)--Kagimizu 23:13, 15 March 2009 (UTC)

Beta - Testing?

I've noticed that when I go to articles other than Talk Pages, there is an 'add category' bit at the bottom. When I checked it out, it said something about beta-testing. So, I have a few questions:

1. Can everybody do this beta-testing?

2. If not, is the beta-testing pick-and-choose, or random?

3. If it's pick and choose, why the heck would you pick one of the newest Users, and not someone who's done more for the wiki?

4. Are there any side-affects I should be watching for?

Could someone answer these questions, and also tell me if they come off as big-headed or rude, 'cause that is the last thing I want. Thank You.--Kagimizu 19:08, 18 March 2009 (UTC)

See w:Forum:New features coming on Wednesday. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Mar 18, 2009 @ 20:22 (UTC)


I have a question about-you guessed it-clans. If two people from different clans, say, Hyuga and Inuzuka (Yes, I know what that example says, look at my User Page and you'll see why), got together and, umm, had a baby, eh-he, would that child be raised in the traditions of both clans, or one or the other? If it's on or the other, how would it be decided? I just thought this was a question worth asking, and there's no Talk Page for Clans, so I put the question here.--Kagimizu 00:10, 21 March 2009 (UTC)

Probably depends on who the father is. If the father is a Hyuga, then the child will be raised as a Hyuga and vice versa if the father is a Inuzuka. Now, if the child had a Kekkei Genkai, then it will most likely be raised around that. But who knows.--TheUltimate3 00:35, 21 March 2009 (UTC)
Okay, but you have to admit, the Byakugan would be really useful for Inuzuka techniques, like Fang over Fang, and What I think is called 'Wolf Fang', you know, what Kiba and Akamaru used against Sakon and Ukon.--Kagimizu 16:49, 21 March 2009 (UTC)

Watch List.....Ooops!

Hey, I'm having a problem with this 'watchlist' function. Whenever I seem to edit something, I guess it's added to the watchlist. The problem is, I ended up with 64 messages!!!!! How do I keep this from happening????!!!! Please.--Kagimizu 16:52, 21 March 2009 (UTC)

There's an option in your preferences. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Mar 21, 2009 @ 22:34 (UTC)
........And that's, where?--Kagimizu 23:05, 21 March 2009 (UTC)
P.S. Sorry, that was rude. It's just, I do not Know this place like any of you, it's like a maze for stuff like that. So, I'll rephrase that rude statement: Where is the preferences section, 'cause I could't find it.--Kagimizu 18:12, 23 March 2009 (UTC)
Special:Preferences. There's a link to it under the "More" dropdown in the upper right, Wikia kind of hid that a bit. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Mar 23, 2009 @ 20:44 (UTC)
Thanks, found it and fixed the problem.--Kagimizu 20:23, 25 March 2009 (UTC)
P.S. Correct that, problem still present, so more help is needed. Thank You.--Kagimizu 20:25, 25 March 2009 (UTC)
Well, I wasn't able to adjust the Watchlist, but I was able to prevent it from sending any e-mails, I think. By the way, can someone point me to where the list of Naruto: Shippūden chapters are? Just so I can read the beginning.--Kagimizu 16:49, 28 March 2009 (UTC)
Naruto Shippeden chapters right here. Enjoy. ~Super Novice-Talk to Me~ 16:57, 28 March 2009 (UTC)
Thanks, I've read them, and I noticed that the beginning is really different from the anime. Anyway, I noticed something both strange and intrueging in that they have a list of outfits in the anime on bulbapedia. Maybe you guys could do something like that? (I say you guys because I haven't the slightest clue of how to start an article.) Also, how do you put that "Talk To Me" section when you sign something?-- 17:29, 2 April 2009 (UTC)
P.S. Sorry, I wrote that before I signed it.--Kagimizu 17:31, 2 April 2009 (UTC)
To create an arcticle you first have to see if there is already a Page on it by using the search option. From there you can see if there is a Page like that or not. If there isnt there should be a Red Link like this near the top of the page. There you just click on it then start the page as if it were any other page. As for getting my signature like this you have to go to your preferences. Then edit it through your Custom signature. ~Super Novice-Talk to Me~ 17:47, 2 April 2009 (UTC)
Okay then, tried it and got it, so does anyone else think this is a good idea, because I don't want to start an edit war, and if so, can I get your help? Anyway, I guess I'll see if that custom signature works....--Kagimizu 20:49, 2 April 2009 (UTC)
It looks good, with more experience and knowledge in HTML you can make it better should do for now if your testing. ~Super Novice-Talk to Me~ 20:51, 2 April 2009 (UTC)
You need to check the "Custom signature" option, and fill in the full wikitext in the box. Something along the lines of ~[[User:Kagimizu|Kagimizu]]-[[User talk:Kagimizu|Talk to Me]]~. If you don't check the box then all you do is change the name that shows up in the signature. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Apr 2, 2009 @ 20:55 (UTC)
Like this?--Kagimizu~Please Read My Talk~ (talk) 21:00, 2 April 2009 (UTC) Or is there something else I need to do? Anyway, back to the subject; What about the Outfit list article idea, because I am going to need serious help on it, with stuff like pictures, and detailed descriptions (Writing specifics, not my specialty, just ask me Mom)--Kagimizu~Please Read My Talk~ (talk) 21:00, 2 April 2009 (UTC)
Alright, cross your fingers, because I'm tryng it again...--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round~ 21:17, 2 April 2009 (UTC)

Alright! It worked! Thanks everybody!--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round~ 14:19, 3 April 2009 (UTC)

Good job. ¥ Super Novice Talk 2 Me ¥ 16:07, 3 April 2009 (UTC)
Alright, now back to the (secondary) subject of this bit. Does anyone else think this is an idea worth starting? Maybe someone could tell me their opinion, or maybe we could put it up to a poll? Just thinking.--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round~ 22:25, 3 April 2009 (UTC)
Well, I guess there's no point to the above statement (sorry) now that I already started it. However, I have a question; if I wanted to change the title-like to "List of Ninja Clothing" or something like that-how would I do that?.

P.S. Nice touch SuperN, with changing Users to Wearers. I'm also glad that some people support it.--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round~ 01:00, 4 April 2009 (UTC)

What do you want to change the name of the Article to? 'List of Ninja Clothing'? ¥ Super Novice Talk 2 Me ¥ 01:12, 4 April 2009 (UTC)
Well, it's already been changed, and I just wanted the option to do something.--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round~ 03:22, 4 April 2009 (UTC)

Sharingan Dojutu(s)?

Alright, the reason I put this up because, well, wouldn't the techniques like Susano'o and Kamui be considered Dojutsu? This is because those techniques need the Sharingan to be used at all. So, I guess this parody sums up my question; Dojutsu or no Dojutsu, that is the question.--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round~ 00:07, 15 April 2009 (UTC)

Hey guys, Read this, PUBLIC ANNOUNCMENT

this site is for all Abridged Series, I just created it, you can add the Naruto Abridged Series it to it if you want

--Brengarrett (talk) 17:37, 15 April 2009 (UTC)

The Abridged Series, what's that? Does it have anything to do with that chapter 0 I read on 'round~ 15:48, 25 April 2009 (UTC)

No, an abridged series is a parody of a more renowned series that is abridged (shortened more or less alot). You have the rather famous YuGiOh The Abridged series by LittleKuriboh, and more relevant for this page, Naruto the Abridged Series by Vegata8639 and MasakoX (And of course many, many more for different series). Go to YouTube and search for their parodies! Hakinu (talk) 13:04, 27 April 2009 (UTC)
Oh, I've heard of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series (I go to that wiki as well), so is it as bad as that one sounds?--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round~ 00:50, 28 April 2009 (UTC)
Personally I like the parody, and I haven't read the manga or watched the anime of what he parodizes (is that even a word?) That means that you don't have to know much about the series to get a laugh from it. Hakinu (talk) 04:16, 28 April 2009 (UTC)
Umm, I can't find it. That redirection you put up just leads to the Abridged Series Wikia.--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round~ 23:56, 28 April 2009 (UTC)
Sorry, what redirection? Are you still talking to me? Hakinu talk | Contributions 03:47, 29 April 2009 (UTC)
No, Brengarret is the one I was refering to.--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round~ 23:33, 30 April 2009 (UTC)

Pictures in the Future

Well, Part II is gonna come to the U.S. eventually, so, what about the pictures? Are the main pictures gonna be updated to Part II versions, or left as is? Just curious about that--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round~ 23:09, 13 May 2009 (UTC)

They'll be left the way they are. The rationale for using early Part I images has nothing to do with "Many North-Americans haven't seen Shippūden since it's not on TV". The rationale is to do with "Part I is the first part; Part II images are only relevant to people who have seen Shippūden, Part I images are relevant to people who have only seen Part I and people who have seen Shippūden." Articles start off with generic info, and introduction to the character. Part II comes later on down the page, thus we put a Part II picture down there. From the starting point of the article a Part I image is the most relevant because we are an overall documentation source, not a current news site. Thus the most relevant thing to display at the start of an article is the character as they are first introduced to the viewer. Then we introduce other appearances later on in the article. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) May 13, 2009 @ 23:56 (UTC)
Then, what if a character goes through a permanent change (sorry about being vague, I can't think of any examples in this series)? Does the original picture stll stay?--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round~ 13:59, 15 May 2009 (UTC)
I would like to think so, as it doesn't change his/her appearence wen first introduced....i suppose if the character does take on a permenent change, the pic will be added further down, around the time the change took place...AlienGamer | Talk 14:02, 15 May 2009 (UTC)
Hmm, I guess that all makes sense. Alright then.--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round~ 04:37, 19 May 2009 (UTC)


Okay, I made a big mess. You see, I meant to leave a comment on the lousy picture on the talk section of Illusionary Nine Dragon Sealing or whatever, but actually left my comment on the file talk for said picture. Trying to fix it, I noticed the "move" Icon, and tried to move it to the intended article. However, I ended up putting in the wrong name, and started a new article! So, as I said before.....Help. I'll make a redirect to where I started this mistake so someone can fix it. It would be very much appreciated. File talk:Akatsuki Sealing.PNG--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round~ 00:49, 20 May 2009 (UTC)

Thank you.--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round~ 00:30, 21 May 2009 (UTC)

naruto story

i found some interview with masashi kishimoto is that right.....??????????--Cooljie (talk) 13:37, 21 May 2009 (UTC)

It's all about naruto...............???????

something strange that i've found of naruto's story...... -first case.... >>if hokage dead, there will be a crack on his statue....but can you find any crack on yondaime's statue.....i guess you wouldn't find it at all... as you can see...there's no a crack on yondaime's statue coz of his death..... -first hokage(on his statue) -second hokage(on his chin)/not too clear but you can see for clear -third hokage on his nose so what do you think about that i've found..... do you still think yondaime has passed away?.... and one more thing..... if yondaime did jiraiya open naruto's seal???? so , a dead body can give a key to jiraiya..... i guess no.......for example......after seal orochimaru's hands...sandaime can't move anymore.....--Cooljie (talk) 13:38, 21 May 2009 (UTC)

Yes..He's still dead....This is all mere speculation...if u read the manga, u'll know that minato gav the key to a toad (i cant remember his name now) and instructed him to be in the care of jiraiya, with the key he managed to open that toad and the key is probably with naruto or can be summoned by naruto, as jiraiya instructed him to go to naruto in case of his death...then the crack on the chin...u can hardly call that a crack...but moreover, we dont speculate....i cant keep count of how many times i've said that...till proven otherwise, it will remain that way..AlienGamer | Talk 13:58, 21 May 2009 (UTC)
Since when did someone's death have to be proven by a crack in their statue anyway? Hakinu talk | Contributions 14:00, 21 May 2009 (UTC)

The toads name is Geratora, and he is the key, kinda. Oh, and from my perspective the Fourth Hokage is dead, but his soul is (or at least was, after he fixed the seal) sealed inside Naruto. I'm not speculating, just saying what I saw and how I saw it.--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round~ 02:45, 22 May 2009 (UTC)

Ya...there's no denying that...he did seal his "chakra" or watevr inside naruto to stop himfrm releasin the 9 tails...but I think it was a 1 time thing...well sonner or later we'll find out..AlienGamer | Talk 04:06, 22 May 2009 (UTC)

Hot Damn! Didn't See That Coming

Holy Crap! That was such a twist, I won't believe 'em if anyone said that they saw this coming! And now, Sasuke's going to Konoha, which I was sure would have meant a battle between Sasuke and Naruto, but with twists like these, I'm not sure. Personally, I'm nervous that the end is near, since I read somewhere that Mishimoto could imagine the final chapter, "but there is so much that needs to be resolved". I'm not speculating or anything, just saying whats on my mind.--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round~ 14:06, 29 May 2009 (UTC)


Kakashi did die but he gets revived. Naruto chapter 449

Gedo Mazo

Why isn't there an article on Gedo Mazo. I'm curious as to what exactly it is and didn't find anything on using search. —This unsigned comment was made by (talkcontribs) on 14:27, June 26, 2009.

Summoning: Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, we use literal translations because most of the time romaji just doesn't cut it for helping readers remember jutsu. I'll create a redirect. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Jun 27, 2009 @ 09:54 (UTC)

Sauske after Orochimaru removal

====Ok so, we all know that after Orochimaru was removed from Sauske that he lost his curse seal, but, did he loose his snake summons as well? I don't recall ever seeing him use snakes before he absorbed Orochimaru, and he never had the snake summoning tattoo on his arm before that either which leads me to believe that he never signed the contract or was a holder of it. While Orochimaru was in Sauske he could use snake summons and stuff but after the Itachi fight we no longer see Sauske use snakes and I spotted six (6) pages where Sauske no longer had the snake summoning tattoo on his arm.

====One pic with no tattoo could be passed off as artist error, but six? That and we haven't seen any snakes from the Uchiha... I don't think he's capable any more. I think this should be considered for the wikia page on Sauske. ~ Seiin 1:30pm o7/28/09

PS: If you'd like I can hunt down those pages. I found them on both and