Combined techniques and enemy seals

The list of combinations, some with techniques unique to the game: (I'll not finish translating, but here is an image with all seals and here (1) and here (2) are all combinations from the pause list)

火 + 強火遁・龍火の術
(Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique)
NinjutsuStrong fire attack. (火遁の術の強化版
火 + 数火遁・鳳仙火の術
(Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique)
NinjutsuFire attack to all opponents.
火 + 強 + 数火遁・豪火球の術
(Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique)
NinjutsuStrong fire attack to all opponents.
火 + 寄火遁・口寄せの術
(Fire Release: Summoning Technique)
NinjutsuSummons a green snake to attack.
火 + 分木ノ葉分身の術
(Leaf Clone Technique)
Creates a clone with leaves.
火 + 隠木ノ葉隠れの術
(Hiding in Leaf Technique)
NinjutsuUses leaves to hide.
水 + 強水遁・水龍弾の術
(Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique)
NinjutsuStrong water attack. (水遁の術の強化版水_____)
水 + 数水遁・水蛇弾の術
(Water Release: Water Snake Bullet Technique)
NinjutsuWater attack to all enemies.
水 + 強 + 数水遁・大瀑布の術
(Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique)
NinjutsuStrong water attack to all enemies.
水 + 寄水遁・口寄せの術
(Water Release: Summoning Technique)
NinjutsuSummons a red tortoise to attack.
水 + 分水分身の術
(Water Clone Technique)
Creates a water clone.
水 + 隠霧隠れの術
(Hiding in Mist Technique)
NinjutsuUses mist to hide.
土 + 強土遁・心中斬首の術
(Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique)
NinjutsuStrong earth attack.
土 + 数土遁・土中映魚の術
(Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique)
NinjutsuEarth attack to all enemies.
土 + 強 + 数土遁・大_____の術
NinjutsuStrong earth attack to all enemies.
土 + 寄土遁・口寄せの術
(Earth Release: Summoning Technique)
土 + 分岩分身の術
(Rock Clone Technique)
NinjutsuA Clone Technique with the earth element.
土 + 隠岩隠れの術
(Hiding in Rock Technique)
NinjutsuUses rocks to hide.
風 + 強風遁・________の術
(Wind Release: ___ Technique)
NinjutsuStrong wind attack.
風 + 数風遁・嵐突破の術
(Wind Release: Storm Breakthrough Technique)
NinjutsuWind attack to all enemies.
風 + 強 + 数風遁・風________の術
(Wind Release: ___ Technique)
NinjutsuStrong wind attack to all enemies.
風 + 寄風遁・口寄せの術
(Wind Release: Summoning Technique)
風 + 分砂分身の術
(Dust Clone Technique)
NinjutsuA Clone Technique with the wind element.
風 + 隠砂隠れの術
(Hiding in Dust Technique)
NinjutsuUses dust to hide.
雷 + 強雷遁・雷光閃の術
(Lightning Release: ___ Technique)
NinjutsuStrong lightning attack.
雷 + 数雷遁・__揚__電の術
(Lightning Release: ___ Technique)
NinjutsuLightning attack to all opponents.
雷 + 強 + 数雷遁・雷_____の術
(Lightning Release: ___ Technique)
NinjutsuStrong lightning attack to all opponents.
雷 + 寄雷遁・口寄せの術
(Lightning Release: Summoning Technique)
雷 + 分雷分身の術
(Lightning Clone Technique)
NinjutsuA Clone Technique with the lightning element.
雷 + 隠雷隠れの術
(Hiding in Lightning Technique)
NinjutsuThe user hides.
(Five Releases Technique)
?Attacks with each of the five releases, one at a time, causing major damage to one enemy.
火 + 拳火の拳 (Fire Fist) NinjutsuA fiery punch attack.
水 + 瞑水の心 (Water Heart) Ninjutsu?
土 + 防土の___ Ninjutsu
風 + 剣風の剣 (Wind Blade) TaijutsuAttacks with a sharp wind.
雷 + 速雷の___ Ninjutsu
変 + 分 + 剣手裏剣変化の術
(Shuriken Change Technique)
TaijutsuAttacks with shurikens.
分 + 剣 + 数手裏剣影分身の術
(Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique)
TaijutsuAttacks with shurikens.
分 + 蹴 + 強うずまきナルト連弾
(Naruto Uzumaki Barrage)
TaijutsuNaruto only.
分 + 剣 + 速____速の舞い Taijutsu?
寄 + 攻口寄せ・___の術
寄 + 防口寄せ・防壁甲の術
(Summoning Technique: Barrier Shell Technique)
NinjutsuSummons a red turtle.
寄 + 瞑口寄せ・___の術
寄 + 速口寄せ・風___の術
拳 + 蹴 + 速表蓮華
(Front Lotus)
TaijutsuMultiplayer only?
拳 + 攻 + 速 + 強千鳥 (Chidori) NinjutsuMultiplayer only?
(Leaf __)
TaijutsuMultiplayer only?
蹴 + 速 + 数木ノ葉____風
(Leaf ___)
Multiplayer only?
蹴 + 速 + 強木ノ葉烈風
(Leaf Gale)
TaijutsuMultiplayer only?
蹴 + 強 + 数獅子連弾
(Lion Combo)
TaijutsuSasuke only.
剣 + 隠影手裏剣の術
(Shadow Shuriken Technique)
剣 + 隠 + 数操風車三ノ大刀
(Manipulating Windmill Triple Blades)
印 + 練___チャクラ
(____ Chakra)
TaijutsuChakra is fully charged.
疲 + 変 + 分ハーレムの術
(Harem Technique)
NinjutsuCan only be used by Naruto.
疲 + 変おいろけの術
(Sexy Technique)
NinjutsuCan only be used by Naruto.

While not listed, many seals can be combined with the 強 (strength addition) or 数 (multiple addition) seals, increasing their strength or making them hit multiple enemies/allies (like recovery and shuffle seals).

寄 + 数 is the same as the normal summon, but hits all opponents (as the animation repeats, it either calls one blue toad for each target or the same toad attacks one at a time). Kakashi can use this when fought in the Land of Waves.
Kakashi also used 寄 + 強 + 数, which summons Gamabunta to strike all opponents. While not listed, players are probably also able to do it.
Although Multiple Shadow Clone Technique is used in the story (7:07) and can be done by combining 分 (clone) with 強 (makes 2 clones), 数 (3 clones), or both 強 and 数 (4 clones), it it only named "Shadow Clone Technique" in the game. Should it be included as its debut?
Also, the ending shows techniques that AFAIK don't appear anywhere else: Ino's Mind Body Switch Technique, Shikamaru's Shadow Imitation Technique, Choji's Human Bullet Tank, Kiba starting the Fang Passing Fang, Hinata's Gentle Fist, Shino's Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique, Neji's Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms, Tenten throwing weapons (kunais, shurikens, a small scythe, and a spiked ball), and Kakashi's Lightning Cutter.

And here are some of the enemy exclusive seals:


Genjutsu Unknown effect. Used by Nanpa Men amd Henchmen.

Genjutsu Appears to have the same effect of the 縛 seal. Used by Waraji and Zouri.

TaijutsuA strike used by Waraji and Zouri.

Taijutsu Simple sword attack. Used by characters with a sword like Shikii, Zabuza, and Waraji.

TaijutsuOnly used by Zabuza. Uses Silent Killing, hiding for one turn and doing a heavy strike in the next turn.

TaijutsuSenbon attack used by Haku.

Of note, while the game only covers the Prologue — Land of Waves arc and the anime recently finished it by the time of the game's release, the Chūnin Exams arc had ended in the manga, explaining the appearance of Team Guy and techniques like Uzumaki Naruto Barrage, Lion Combo, and the Summoning Technique (7:29 to 7:43). --Quick (ut) 01:11, September 11 - Quick (ut) 21:35, September 18, 2016 (UTC)