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I can't help but feel like this page is written with some anti-itachi bias in here. For example, in the Legacy section, it says "Inadvertently, Five Kages praised him as the hero who protected the shinobi world" even though we don't know if Onoki said that only because of Madara's end or the end of ET in general. Also, The Jiraiya thing in the abilities section is really mind-boggling. I get that it can be interpreted as a hype for Jiraiya, but why put it into Itachi's section, just so he looks weaker. If anything, put it into the personality section, as his humbleness has nothing to do with his abilities. I also feel like some of his major hype isn't even mentioned, for example: #1 student in history of the konoha academy, Kisame wondering why is a retreat necesarry for him, Itachi himself saying that only a sharingan user with the same blood can hope to defeat him, Kabuto saying he is the perfect Edo Tensei, yes, more perfect than Madara Uchiha (take that as you wish), Kabuto saying he is on a whole different level to the others (take that as you wish), Obito saying he would be dead if Itachi knew his secret, Obito saying that Itachi was the sole person that impeded his vendetta against Konoha all those years, Danzo saying the difference between Itachi's and Sasuke's genjutsu was like that between heaven and earth, Shikaku (who knew Itachi) believed Itachi could literally genjutsu-control an army, Kabuto saying that he can read his opponents soul and use it against them in fights and much more. Falkirion (talk) 21:14, July 15, 2013 (UTC)

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