Possible Changes

3 things.

1. When he kicks the enemy into the air, he doesn't necessarily appear behind them. He actually appears in front of them, but in order to eliminate confusion I think stating he appears above them should be adequate.

2. He actually strikes the enemy back to the ground after appearing above them. upon closer inspection he actually strikes them with a rasengan after appearing above them. Its really fast, and you have to pause it a few times to correctly identify it. But within that split second he creates a rasengan in his right palm and thrusts it into the midsection of the opponent while still creating a rasengan in his left palm.

3. The opponent actually hits the ground before the final rasengan is thrusted into them.

Thanks for considering these changes. Man-o-Vertigo (talk) 20:45, March 19, 2012 (UTC)