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Taki Kunoichi
The Three Takigakure Spies
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #178
Appears in Anime
Team Info
Team Jutsu

This group of kunoichi are spies from Takigakure. Initially the group had four members, but they lost a member that apparently had been gathering intel during a battle. This deceased member managed to hide gathered intel on Konoha's border patrol procedure on a kunai attached to a bird's nest. They possessed some skill, possessing multiple shuriken oriented techniques, wielded swords and had enough skill in nature transformation to a Fire Release technique.

After looking for the intel paper, they eventually stumbled into Naruto Uzumaki who had found what they were looking for, however they were unable to retrieve it. They were easily defeated by Kakashi Hatake using a combination of his Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall to defence and his Lightning Cutter for offence. They were most likely taken in for questioning after as they were seen bound and gagged afterward.

Out of the three remaining members the one with the silver grey hair acted as a leader of sorts. Tough and harsh, she gave orders with decisiveness and had no quarrels about killing Naruto and Iruka when they didn't hand over their objective.

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