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Taisa Amagiri
天霧タイサ Amagiri Taisa
Game Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna Drive
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Taisa Amagiri (天霧タイサ, Amagiri Taisa) is a ninja from Yumegakure's Amagiri clan and the son of Gensui Amagiri that appears in Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna Drive.


A loyal and proud shinobi of Yumegakure, Taisa was dedicated to avenging his comrades after the attack of the Fake-Nine-tails and supposed death of his father. Taisa was good friends with both Yomito Hirasaka and Ryuka Tenro and he thus objected to fighting them, even despite his love for his father Gensui and Amagiri heritage.

Aside from his feelings towards his comrades and family, Taisa was shown having a certain territorial streak, refusing defeat in the Forest of Mythic Beasts, referring to it as his "garden".


Taisa is a young boy with short brown hair and several pinkish-red marking on his face. He is dressed in a samurai-like getup of the same color as his markings and some purple and white. He wears loose, dark gray pants with some yellow on the left leg tucked in bandages wrapped around his lower legs and wears the unique sandals of the Amagiri. On his head he wears a loose, dark gray cap on which there is a golden, crescent moon-like ornament.


Taisa's techniques mostly revolved around insects and poisons, seen with his use of Poison Mist and patrolling bugs, which upon defeat would also spew out Poison Mist.

Like his comrades Yomito and Ryuka, Taisa used a powerful combat Transformation Technique to turn into an armoured beetle similar to a kabutomushi.

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