Tailed Beasts

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  • Nine-Tails/Kurama's power

    6 messages
    • Well it's been stated that the more tails they have the stronger they are. Hagoromo also said the reason he was able to appear before the Hok...
    • Hmmm, I guess the bit about Hagoromo being able to emerge because of Indra, Asura and Kurama's chakra merging with each other settles it. ...
  • Kekkei Genkai or Tailed Beast Skill?

    8 messages
    • Yes, I know. It's an answer (or rather a topic) that has no definite solution. We could discuss this forever, I think^^
    • a kekkei genkai is a technique limited by blood but then again it has been shown that multiple people have the same kekkei genkai yet h...

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