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  • Tailed Beasts Kekkei Genkai?

    100 messages
    • Aka Shi Crow wrote: RexGodwin wrote: no. Yes. Kurama did Wind Chakra for Naruto on the war and Breathed fire during Pain Fight. - fisrt,...
    • Kurama is wind & fire according to this wikia. Its probably due to Naruto in Six tails via Kurama's Control created tornadoes against pain un...
  • Can a tailed beast become a jinchuriki?

    32 messages
    • Hate to reference our own wiki, but this article is stable with a lack of edits so... [[1]] " The tailed beasts are living forms of chak...
    • Because we reference what was stated in the series. But it's not true. Hagoromo used Creation of All Things to make the Tailed Beasts, they are...

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