Tailed Beast Removal Technique

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Tailed Beast Removal Technique
The ritual
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #148
Appears in Anime only
Classification Ninjutsu, Fūinjutsu
Class Supplementary
Range Short-range

After setting up an area, the user can extract a tailed beast from its jinchūriki. The jinchūriki is bound to a rock table surrounded by a large circular sealing formula with several ceremonial rocks surrounding it. During the extraction process, the jinchuriki experiences extreme pain as the beast is ripped from their body.

Harusame attempted to use this technique to extract Saiken from its jinchūriki, Utakata. During the extraction process, Utakata slipped into the beast's full form and ended up killing Harusame.


  • Because Harusame wished to free Utakata of the burden of being the host of the Six-Tails, it is possible this technique was created as a means to extract a tailed beast without ending the life of the jinchūriki. However, given Saiken's violent reaction to the technique, it is likely that the technique would have killed Utakata and subsequently, the Six-Tails as well.
  • The place where Saiken is being extracted by Harusame from Utakata resembles Stonehenge.

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