Tailed Beast Mode!!

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"Tailed Beast Mode!!"
(尾獣モード!!, Bijū Mōdo!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Kurama!! (#60)
Previous "Kurama!! "
Chapter Naruto #571
Next "Nine Names"
Arc Shinobi World War Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #329
None in this Chapter
Leaping Bullet Shell TowerShadow Stroke
None in this Chapter
"Tailed Beast Mode!!" (尾獣モード!!, Bijū Mōdo!!) is chapter 571 of the original Naruto manga.


With the gates opened, Naruto assumes a new form. With no time to waste as the opposing tailed beasts prepare to attack Guy and Kakashi with their Tailed Beast Balls, Naruto intervenes and deflects the attacks with such speed that Kakashi mistakes him for his own former teacher. As the beasts rally again and prepare to attack the shinobi, Naruto transforms into Kurama — seemingly "absorbing" Guy and Kakashi into the beast's chakra for safe-keeping. After creating a clone and being told by Kurama that he probably had only five minutes in the form because it was his first transformation into the beast, Naruto tells him that five minutes was plenty of time. With this, he attacks the Seven-Tails mid-air, intending to pile-drive the beast into the Three-Tails but the giant turtle rolls out of the way. Before he can attack again, the Six-Tails swallows the beast's hand, rendering him immobile and allowing the Three-Tails to attack. The Three-Tails' attack is stopped by the Eight-Tails however. Wasting no time as the Two-Tails now prepared to attack, Naruto swings the Six-Tails into the Two-Tails as B deals with the Five-Tails. The clone — who had entered Sage Mode — reports that he had located all the chakra receivers in the other beasts. Naruto then watches on as the other tailed beasts prepare a collaborative Tailed Beast Ball, he and Kurama prepare one of their own, intending to cancel out the force of the attack.


  • While observing the full Nine-Tailed transformed Naruto's battle with the tailed beasts, Guy makes a reference of the film Destroy All Monsters of the legendary kaijū film franchise, Godzilla.
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ArcShinobi World War Arc +
Chapter number571 +
English nameTailed Beast Mode!! +
Kanji name尾獣モード!! +
MaintenanceMissing image +
MangaNaruto +
NamesTailed Beast Mode!! +, 尾獣モード!! + and Bijū Mōdo!! +
Romaji nameBijū Mōdo!! +
Volume number60 +

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