Tail Releasing Method

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Tail Releasing Method
  • The jinchūriki is bound by seals…
  • …then the beast is extracted.
Manga Chapter #501
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #248
Movie Naruto 6: Road to Ninja
Game Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game and Movie
Classification Ninjutsu, Fūinjutsu
Class Supplementary
Range Short-range

This fūinjutsu employs the use of formulae to bind a jinchūriki before extracting the tailed beast from within them. When extracted, the beast initially takes the form of pure chakra, also causing the host to go into a near Version 1-like state. After being extracted, the beast takes a corporeal form. Obito Uchiha waited until Kushina Uzumaki's seal was weak enough to use this technique to extract Kurama.[1]


  • In Naruto: Road to Ninja, Tobi through Menma can be seen extracting Kurama from Naruto with his Sharingan alone, without binding him with this fūinjutsu first.

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  1. Naruto chapter 501, page 7

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