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"Supporter, Calling On!!"
Chapter 209
(助っ人、参上!!, Suketto, Sanjō!!, Viz: Help Arrives!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Crisis, Crisis, Crisis!! (#24)
Previous "The First Move was a Fake-Out!!"
Chapter Naruto #209
Next "Lee's Secret!!"
Arc Sasuke Recovery Mission
Anime Naruto #123
"Supporter, Calling On!!" (助っ人、参上!!, Suketto, Sanjō!!, Viz: Help Arrives!!) is chapter 209 of the original Naruto manga.


Shikamaru tries to strangle Tayuya with his shadow before she can escape, and despite the technique being in close proximity of its target where it worked best, Tayuya is able to use the power of her cursed seal to resist his attack. Meanwhile, Kimimaro continues to defeat Naruto's waves of shadow clones. Just when all of his shadow clones are destroyed, the seal keeping Sasuke within his coffin dissipates and he emerges. Naruto tries to convince him to come back but he runs off. When Naruto starts to follow Sasuke, Kimimaro attacks but is blocked by Lee, who tells Naruto to go after Sasuke while he deals with Kimimaro.

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