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(スケザ, Sukeza)
Anime Naruto Episode #152
Appears in Anime only
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Miner

Sukeza (スケザ, Sukeza) is a miner from Katabami Gold Mine.


Sukeza is an gaunt old man with the top of his head being bald and long neck length grey hair coming from the sides of his head and the back. He has small black eyes. He wears a tannish-coloured v-neck shirt.


Sukeza lived in fear of Raiga and his men. He hated being helped by anyone because of what Raiga would do to him. He was so afraid of them that he would go as far as to beat himself up to make it look like he was attacked.

Part I

Curry of Life Arc

When Naruto and Team Guy arrived in the village to investigate Raiga, they saved Sukeza from being attacked by Raiga's men, due to him not working hard enough. Fearful that this outside help would only anger Raiga further, Sukeza tried to beat himself up so that it looked like he was attacked by the Konoha ninja as well. Rock Lee stopped him and vowed to free the village from Raiga.

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