edit"Strength in Unity"
Boruto stream
(結束の力, Kessoku no Chikara)
Episode data
Previous "Team 7: The First Mission!"
Episode Boruto #41 (Watch Online)
Next "A Ninja's Job"
Arc Genin Mission Arc
Japanese January 17, 2018
"Strength in Unity" (結束の力, Kessoku no Chikara) is episode 41 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


Sarada tends to Boruto's injury. Konohamaru confirms the involvement of Pale Blue Valley hired shinobi when a ransom note demands the bridge's deed in exchange for Kiri's life. With Kiri in captivity, Iori confesses to be working for the Pale Blue Valley, having done so since killing her father. He was offered a lot of money for the bridge deed, and counted on Kiri to fail by trying to resolve the issue all by herself, but didn't count on her hiring Konoha shinobi. The Green Banks villagers offer Konohamaru the deed, and ask the team to save Kiri. Team Konohamaru plans on how to rescue her. Iori delivers Kiri to Hidari, and is killed by Ashimaru, telling him they're former shinobi. Hidari proposes trading Kiri for the deed to Konohamaru. Konohamaru makes the trade, but Hidari tries disposing of him with an explosive tag left on Iori's corpse. Hidari and Ashimaru attack Konohamaru, who tosses Kiri aside for Boruto to catch. Konohamaru insists the genin to take Kiri away while he deals with Hidari and Ashimaru. Hidari manages to immobilise Konohamaru with a trap, and sends Ashimaru to deal with the genin. They stop and set up traps so they can tend to Kiri's injury. Kiri explains how her need to do things alone stems from having to live up to her father's reputation. Ashimaru catches up to them, and they decide to fight him. Hidari goes in to kill Konohamaru, who forcefully dispels his jutsu with a Wind Release: Rasengan. Konohamaru deliberately misses his attack, and Hidari faints in disbelief of the damage. Mitsuki and Boruto engage Ashimaru while Sarada analyses him with her Sharingan. She determines Ashimaru doesn't bother dodging attacks, just blocking them and counterattacking. Boruto and Mitsuki employ Wind Release to send Sarada towards Ashimaru at high speeds, her Sharingan allowing her to read his attacks, avoiding his counterattack and landing her own finishing blow. Konohamaru catches up with them, deed in hand. They return Kiri and the deed to Green Banks, where Kiri apologises for trying to take everything on her own. Back at Konoha, Konohamaru reports to Naruto. Boruto talks with Shikadai, Iwabee, and Denki about their first missions.