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Stone carver assistant
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #219
Appears in Anime
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Gender Gender Male Male
  • Stone Carver's assistant

He is the assistant of a stone carver.

Appearance Edit

He has short brown hair and black eyes. His bangs hang in-between and down the sides of his eyes. He wears a yellow helmet with a tannish-coloured strap holding it on his head.

Part II Edit

Five Kage Summit Edit

Before the stone carver could carve the Sixth Hokage Candidate's face into the monument, he informs the stone carver that Danzō is dead. Before Kakashi Hatake could attend an emergency meeting with the Fire Daimyō, he helps the stone carver to make preparations for his stone carving by measuring his face and preparing a mould by painting thin layers of plaster. He later informs the stone carver that Tsunade has awoken from her coma, cancelling Kakashi's appointment to be Hokage and face on the monument.

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