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Stone carver
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #219
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  • Stone Carver

He is the mason who carves the faces of Hokage on the Hokage Rock.


He seems to be dedicated to his occupation, as he goes to great lengths to carve a perfect replica of his subjects' by studying their face and even dreaming about them. Further dedication to his work is shown, as he became furious when Danzō Shimura had died in battle before he could even begin carving his face into the monument.


He has a short crop of black hair forming side burns that connect into a very short beard. He also has a bushy moustache. He wears a small twisted up rope-like headband around his forehead.

Part II

Five Kage Summit

Before he could carve the Sixth Hokage Candidate's face into the monument, he is informed by his assistant that Danzō has been killed. He is later infuriated, due to the hard work he has put in to just have a perfect visualisation of his face. Before Kakashi Hatake could attend an emergency meeting with the Fire Daimyō, he takes him with him to make preparations for his stone carving by measuring his face and preparing a mould by painting thin layers of plaster. Before he could make the mould, he asked Kakashi to remove his mask, saying that the stone face won't look good if he's hiding his face. Later, as he prepared to carve Kakashi Hatake's face on the Hokage Rock, he is informed once again by his assistant that Kakashi is no longer the Hokage since the Fifth Hokage has awoken from her coma, much to his frustration.


  • He bears the kanji 'stone' () on the back of his attire.