Squad Mutiny: Everything Falls Apart!

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"Squad Mutiny: Everything Falls Apart!"
Earth Prison Dome
(イキナリ仲間割れ!?シカマル小隊大ピンチ, Ikinari Nakamaware!? Shikamaru Shōtai Daipinchi)
Episode data
Previous "Sound vs. Leaf"
Episode Naruto #112
Next "Full Throttle Power! Chōji, Ablaze!"
Arc Sasuke Recovery Mission
Manga Naruto Chapter #186, Naruto Chapter #187
Japanese December 1, 2004
English November 3, 2007
Earth Release Barrier: Earth Prison Dome of Magnificent NothingnessPassing Fang
"Squad Mutiny: Everything Falls Apart!" (イキナリ仲間割れ!?シカマル小隊大ピンチ, Ikinari Nakamaware!? Shikamaru Shōtai Daipinchi) is episode 112 of the original Naruto anime.


Although the Sound Four's attack seemed to force the retrieval team onto the defensive, Shikamaru had intended for them to be caught, and used the opportunity to capture the Sound Four with his shadow. They managed to escape, however, and Jirōbō captured the retrieval team in a dome of rocks. As the other Sound Four members went on ahead, Jirōbō began to absorb the Konoha ninja's chakra. But before their chakra could be completely absorbed, Chōji managed to break out of the dome, thus freeing the entire team.

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