The Immortals Rushing Madly Ahead

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The Immortals Rushing Madly Ahead
Immortal heated pursuit
Kanji 不死の猛進
Rōmaji Fushi no Mōshin
English games Immortal Heated Pursuit
Game Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3
Appears in Game
Classification Hiden, Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu, Kenjutsu, Cooperation Ninjutsu
Class Offensive
Range Long-range
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

Taking advantage of Hidan's immortality, Kakuzu uses the Fire Release: Intelligent Hard Work and Wind Release: Pressure Damage techniques to engulf Hidan in flames, propelling him towards the opponent, while Hidan slashes them continuously with his Triple-Bladed Scythe.

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