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Spinning World, performed by Diana Garnett, is the thirty-second ending of Naruto: Shippūden. It began on episode 394 and ended on episode 405. It was succeeded by A Promise That Doesn't Need Words.

Lyrics Edit

Rōmaji Edit

Nando tatakitsukerarete mo
Akiramerareru wake nado wanaku genten kaiki
Genjitsu to wa baibai shite mukashi mitai ni waiwai shitai keredo
Sou mo ikanai nara kirihiraite mirya ii

Nokori wazuka no shouki torimodoshite
Me no mae no tobira kojiakete miseru
Itsudemo sou nanda
Wasuregachina koto ga

Nani yori mo taisetsuna koto datte
Nani ga machiukete iyou to kamawanai
Ame nimo makezu yami o terasu
Kono kyoujin na kokoro ga areba
Kono toki kono basho ni tsudoishi nakamatachi
Mawari tsudzukeru sekai nanbitotari tomo tomeru koto wa dekinai yo

Kanji Edit

現実とはバイバイして 昔みたいにワイワイしたいけれど
そうも行かない なら切り開いてみりやいい

いつでも そうなんだ

何よりも 大切な事だって
何が 待ち受けていようと かまわない
雨にも負けず 闇を照らす
この時 この場所に 集いし仲間達
廻り続ける世界 何人たりとも止める事はできないよ

English Edit

No matter how many times I’m batted down,
There’s no chance that I’ll be giving up; I’m right back to the starting line!
I’d like to say bye-bye to reality, and just have a good time like I used to,
But that can’t happen... so I’ll just have to cut my way on through!

Gathering the last bit of sanity I have left,
I’ll pry open the door before my eyes!
It’s always the same story: the things we’re most prone to forgetting,
Are the most important by far!

I don’t care what’s awaiting me,
Shining through the darkness, not even the rain will set me back,
As long as I have this powerful heart!
All of our comrades gathering at this time, in this place,
Facing an endlessly spinning world;
there’s not a single thing that exists to stop us!

Characters Edit

The characters in order of appearance:

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first song to be performed by a non-Japanese and American singer in the Naruto media.

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