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This is the article on the chapter of the manga. For the tenth ending of the Naruto anime, head to Speed.
Chapter 024
(スピード!!, Supīdo!!)
Chapter Info
Volume For the Sake of Dreams…!! (#3)
Previous "Two Assaults…!!"
Chapter Naruto #24
Next "For the Sake of Dreams…!!"
Arc Prologue — Land of Waves
Anime Naruto #13
"Speed!!" (スピード!!, Supīdo!!) is chapter 24 of the original Naruto manga.


Sasuke and Haku begin fighting. Although Haku is a skilled opponent, Sasuke is able to make good use of what he learned during his training and pushes Haku to his limits. Irritated that Sasuke is doing so well, Haku uses his trump card: Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals. Sasuke is trapped in a prison of ice, leaving him open to Haku's attacks. Kakashi attempts to come to his aid but is stopped by Zabuza. With Sasuke apparently doomed, Naruto appears and lands a sneak attack on Haku.

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