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This page lists the tags that the software may mark an edit with, and their meaning.

Tag nameAppearance on change listsFull description of meaningTagged changes
visualeditorVisualEditor (edit)Edit made using the VisualEditor (edit)8,199 changes
stubstub (edit) (edit)2,366 changes
translationvandalismtranslationvandalism (edit) (edit)1,591 changes
mobileeditMobile (edit)Edit made using mobile skin (edit)1,434 changes
Small pageSmall page (edit) (edit)657 changes
Adding external linksAdding external links (edit) (edit)540 changes
baduserpagebaduserpage (edit) (edit)400 changes
blankingblanking (edit) (edit)334 changes
junkjunk (edit) (edit)170 changes
ShoutingShouting (edit) (edit)49 changes
profanityabuseprofanityabuse (edit) (edit)37 changes
torMade through tor (edit)If this tag is set, an edit was made from a Tor exit node. (edit)11 changes
visualeditor-needcheckVisualEditor: Check (edit)Edit made using the VisualEditor where the system detected the wikitext possibly having unintended changes. (edit)4 changes
Blanking TalkpageBlanking Talkpage (edit) (edit)2 changes
uploadeduploaded (edit) (edit)1 change
ProfanityProfanity (edit) (edit)1 change
visualeditor-switchedVisualEditor: Switched (edit)User started to edit using VisualEditor then changed to the wikitext editor. (edit)0 changes
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