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1000 Metre Punch100 Metre Punch
6th Hokage8 Trigrams Palm 64 Palms
A (First Raikage)
A (Fourth Raikage)A (Fourth Raikage)/Archive 1A (Second Raikage)
A (Third Raikage)A Battle of Bugs! The Deceivers and the Deceived!A Chance Meeting 2
A Clan Possessed by EvilA Hole in the Heart: The Other JinchūrikiA Message from the Heart
A Mistake from the Past: A Face Revealed!A New Chapter Begins: The Chūnin Exam!A New Three-Way Deadlock
A New Three-Way Deadlock (volume)A New WindA Promise That Doesn't Need Words
A Rival Appears!!A Shinobi's Dream…!!A Suspension Bridge to Peace
A Suspension Bridge to Peace (volume)Absolute DefenceAbsolutely
Absorption Soul TechniqueAburame ClanAcademy
Academy StudentAcrobatAdamantine Attacking Chains
Adamantine NyoiAdamantine Prison WallAdamantine Sealing Chains
Aesthetics of an ArtistAh, the Medicine of YouthAhiko
Aho BirdAir Current LevitationAir Sand Protective Wall
AjisaiAkagaharaAkagi Gang
AkatsukiAkatsuki/Archive 1Akatsuki/Archive 2
Akatsuki/Archive 3Akatsuki/Archive 4Akatsuki Hiden: Evil Flowers in Full Bloom
Akatsuki membersAkimichi Clan
AkinoAliveAll-Killing Ash Bones
All Directions ShurikenAllied Mothers ForceAllied Shinobi Forces
Allied Shinobi Forces' HeadquartersAllied Shinobi Forces Technique!!Altering Terrain Diagram Scroll
Ama no HokoAmachanAmachi
AmaruAmaterasuAmaterasu/Archive 1
Amaterasu: Dual LayerAmaterasu: Flame Wrapping FireAmaterasu Magatama
Ame OrphansAmegakureAmeno
AmenominakaAmenotejikaraAmenotejikara/Archive 1
Ameyuri RingoAmeyuri Ringo/Archive 1Amplification Summoning Technique
An A-Rank Mission: The ContestAn Existence of Falsehoods…!!An Old Nemesis Returns
An OpeningAn Unexpected Kinjutsu!!An Unknown Song
AnbuAnbu CommanderAnimal Cursed Seal
Animal PathAnimal Paths
Animal path (former)AnimeAnime-Manga Differences
Anime-Manga Differences/Archive 1Anime Exclusive ArcsAnko's Giant Snake (Unnamed)
Anko MitarashiAnko Mitarashi/Archive 1Antidote
Antlion Ninja Arts: EphemeralAoAoba Yamashiro
AodaAoi RokushōArashi
Arhat FistArmadikoArmageddon Countdown Clock
Armour of SandArrivalArt of Eros
As a Taijutsu UserAshina UzumakiAssassination Technique
Assault RockAssault on the Leaf Village!Assemble! Allied Shinobi Forces!
Assimilate All Creation TechniqueAssimilation: Red Poisonous SmokescreenAsuma Sarutobi
Asura AttackAsura Path
Asura Path (character)Asura Propulsion
Asura ŌtsutsukiAsura Ōtsutsuki/Archive 1Asura Ōtsutsuki/Archive 2
Attack of the Tiny FingerAttack of the Twin DemonsAwakened Hinata
AyameA–B ComboBaiu
BakuBaku (Anbu)Bakuto
Ball of Light TechniqueBamboo snakeBanbutsu Sōzō
BandoBando's Chakra ArmourBandō
Banshō Ten'inBarrier Bell TechniqueBarrier Gate Five Seals Technique: Castle Closing Eight Gates
Barrier Method FormationBarrier NinjutsuBarrier Talisman: Armoured Eye
Barrier TechniqueBashōsenBashōsen: Coil of Fire
Bashōsen: Coil of WindBatBat Controlling: Ultrasonic Mind Waves
BatteryBattle Doppelgänger
Battle Stadium D.O.NBattle against the Eye of the Moon PlanBattle of Kikyō Pass
Battle of UnraikyoBeast Human CloneBeast Sealing Technique
Beast Tearing Gale PalmBeast Tearing PalmBecause I'm a Father
BeeBee Bomb TechniqueBeeswax Clone
BellBell (charm)Benihisago
Benisu IslandBentenBicycle
Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage's Legacy Part 1Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage's Legacy Part 2Big Ball Rasengan
Big Ball RasenshurikenBikōchūBikōchū Search Mission
BikōchūmodokiBind and Draw Out "Kōkinjō"Binding Snake Glare Spell
Bingo BookBird-Masked Anbu MemberBirth of the Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki
BisukeBiwako SarutobiBlack Lightning
Black Needle StabBlack ReceiverBlack Salamander
Black Secret Technique: Three Great TragediesBlack Secret Technique Flame Filling FlowerBlack Secret Technique Machine One Shot
Black Secret Technique — Machine Triple ShotBlack TornadoBlack Zetsu
Blade-Summoning SchroolBlade of Wind HurricaneBlasting Ice Crystal
Blastsword Technique: Blasting Bridle Repeating DeathBlaze ReleaseBlaze Release/Archive 1
Blaze Release/Archive 2Blaze Release/Archive 3Blaze Release: Ho-Masubi
Blaze Release: KagutsuchiBlaze Release: Kagutsuchi — PorcupineBlaze Release: Susanoo Kagutsuchi
Blaze Release: Yasaka MagatamaBlazing Shuriken Dance
Blinding Wide Sand Formation: NoiseBlocking Technique Absorption SealBlood Increasing Pill
Blossom Clone StrikesBlue BBlue B's Doctor
Blue BirdBlue Fire PowderBoar-Masked Anbu Member
Body-Splitting TechniqueBody CoatingBody Controlling Technique
Body Flame TechniqueBody Flicker TechniqueBody Fluid Shedding Technique
Body Oxidation TechniqueBody Pathway DerangementBody Reconstruction Technique
Body Recreation TechniqueBody Replacement TechniqueBoil Release
Boil Release: Flower Repentance TechniqueBoil Release: Skilled Mist TechniqueBoil Release: Unrivalled Strength
BondsBone Flute
Boruto: Naruto the MovieBoruto UzumakiBoruto Uzumaki/Archive 1
Boruto Uzumaki/Archive 2Boss SummonBouncy Bouncy Technique
Boxing KangaroosBreakthroughBringer-of-Darkness Technique
Brothers: Distance Among the UchihaBrothers (chapter)Bubble-Utilising Pipe
Bubble StyleBug BiteBug Wall Technique
Bunpuku/Archive 1BuramiBushy Brow's Jealousy: Lions Barrage Unleashed!
Butsuma SenjuButterfly Bullet BombingButterfly Chōji Mode
By YouByakuganByakugan/Archive 1
C4Caged Heat Arson PrisonCamellias in the Wind
Captain of the Ghost ShipCaptain of the Konoha Medic Corps
Carry Your Dreams ~The Crissroad of Beginnings~Cartoon NetworkCasualty Puppet
Cat ClawCat GenjutsuCatchphrases and Verbal Tics
Cell Activation TechniqueCellular Regeneration AbsorptionCellular Regeneration Ejection
Certain-Kill Ice SpearsCha BarrageChain
ChakraChakra-Suppressing SealChakra/Archive 1
Chakra Absorption TechniquesChakra Armour
Chakra BladeChakra BladesChakra Bomb Cannon
Chakra Disruption BladesChakra Disruption Device
Chakra Edible CreationChakra Enhanced StrengthChakra Enhanced Strength/Archive 1
Chakra FlowChakra FruitChakra Hair Trap Technique
Chakra Inhaling TechniqueChakra LiquidChakra Needle Technique
Chakra Pathway SystemChakra PredationChakra Rosary
Chakra ScalpelChakra Scalpel: CrueltyChakra Seal Tag
Chakra Shockwave SlashChakra Suppression TechniqueChakra Threads
Chakra Threads (Fūma)Chakra Transfer TechniqueChakra Transmission Communication Device
Chakra Tug-of-WarChakra inhaling techniqueChaotic Mental Collision

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