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"Bashosen" Hi no Maki to Ame (student)
Ame Orphans to Because I'm a Father
Because I am With You to Call Naruto Home!!
Calorie Control to Chōza Akimichi
Chōōdama Rasen Tarengan to Cursed Seal Jutsu (Orochimaru)
Cursed Seal Level 2 to Despair
Despair: A Fractured Heart to Earth Release: Flying Thrown Stones
Earth Release: Golem Technique to Everyone's Struggle to the Death
Everyone of Team Seven!! to Fire Style: Dragon Fireball Jutsu
Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bomb to Fu (ANBU)
Fu (Jinchuriki) to Genjutsu: Mirage
Genjutsu: Mist to Gōsuiwan no Jutsu
Gōza to Hideo
Hideout Destruction Trap to I Will Love You Always
I Will Love You Forever to Isurubi
It's My Fight!! to Kagerogakure
Kagerou to Killing Intent
Killing intent to Kumo-Ryū Mikazuki Kiri
Kumo-Ryū Uragiri to Leaf Springtime of Life Lotus
Leaf Strong Whirlwind to Make Out Tactics
Make Out Violence to Misty Flames Dance Jutsu
Misumi to Nara family
Naraka to Naruto ninja ranks
Naruto series to Ninjutsu
Ninjutsu Sankai to Particle Release
Particle Style to Rai Uchiha
Raid!! to Rogue Ninja
Rogue Ninja's Past to Sand Prison Burial
Sand Prison Spear Attack to Secret Technique: Kirisame
Secret Technique: Mist Rain to Shiki Fūjin
Shiki Tenshin to Smokescreen
Smokescreen Technique to Strongest Vision
Student and Teacher: Rasengan to Sōgu: Kaien Geki
Sōgu: Shikyū Geki to That Goal…!!
That Guy Can't Be Killed to The Mysterious Curse of the Haunted Castle
The Mystery of Tobi to The Unbreakable Mask and the Shattered Bubble
The Undecayed…!! to Toumegane no Jutsu
Toumei datta Sekai to Ultimate Summoning Beast
Ultimate Summoning Beast's Genjutsu to Water Release: Demon Fish
Water Release: Demon Fish Wave Crash to Wind Enhanced Fire Wave
Wind Enhanced Trench Knives to Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang Release to 霧の暗殺者!

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