Sound vs. Leaf

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"Sound vs. Leaf"
(接触~音四人衆の実力~, Sesshoku ~Oto Yonin Shū no Jitsuryoku~)
Episode data
Previous "Formation! The Sasuke Recovery Team"
Episode Naruto #111
Next "Squad Mutiny: Everything Falls Apart!"
Arc Sasuke Retrieval Arc
Manga Chapter #183, Chapter #184, Chapter #185, Chapter #186
Japanese November 24, 2004
English October 27, 2007
None in this Episode
Barrier Method FormationDark Sealing MethodFour Black Fogs FormationSpider Web Area
None in this Episode
"Sound vs. Leaf" (接触~音四人衆の実力~, Sesshoku ~Oto Yonin Shū no Jitsuryoku~) is episode 111 of the original Naruto anime.

Sound vs. Leaf (接触~音四人衆の実力~, Sesshoku ~Oto Yonin Shū no Jitsuryoku~) is episode 111 of the original Naruto anime.


As the first step in gaining power, Sasuke's cursed seal must be advanced to its second state. For this to happen, the Sound Four seal Sasuke into a barrel and carry him from Konoha as his seal advances. They are confronted by two nearby Konoha ninja, Raidō Namiashi and Genma Shiranui, but eventually defeat them thanks to their cursed seals. After carrying Sasuke for a ways, the Sound Four takes a break, giving the recently caught up retrieval team a chance to try a sneak attack. Their presence is detected, and the Sound Four attacks them before they can make a move.

Facts about "Sound vs. Leaf"RDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Original +
ArcSasuke Retrieval Arc +
English airdate27 October 2007 +
English nameSound vs. Leaf +
Episode number111 +
Japanese airdate24 November 2004 +
Kanji name接触~音四人衆の実力~ +
Manga Chapter183 +, 184 +, 185 + and 186 +
NameSound vs. Leaf +
NamesSound vs. Leaf +, 接触~音四人衆の実力~ + and Sesshoku ~Oto Yonin Shū no Jitsuryoku~ +
PictureShikateam +
Romaji nameSesshoku ~Oto Yonin Shū no Jitsuryoku~ +

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