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空忍幹部 Sora-nin Kanbu
Movie Naruto Shippūden the Movie: Bonds
Appears in Movie
Gender Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
  • Head Ninja
Ninja Rank

He was the ninja captain from the Land of the Sky who launches the attack against Konoha. He also acted as leader of the Land of the Sky during the absence of Shinnō.


From what little we see, he was the only one Sky ninja that didn't underestimate his opponent and did not laugh when Konoha gives the illusion of only sending Sai to counter attack their assault.


He had grey-brown eyes, brown flat hair and a mole near his left eye. He wore the standard Sky shinobi outfit complete with forehead protector, mask, sandals and flak jacket.

Plot Overview

He was first seen in one of the Sky ninja aircraft carrier sailing in the sea, giving the order to launch the assault on Konoha. He was seen later, coming back from the attack, warned by a Sky ninja that a Konoha intruder is in the vicinity and he send a four-man pursuit team after Sai. After the small troop was defeated, the captain continued to send troops but Sai easily dispatches them. Once Shikamaru's plan reaches its next phase, he and Kakashi show up next to Sai and reveal themselves from hiding. The captain then ordered his men to stop the attack on them and focus on the preparations for another air raid, with the intent of defeating the three Konoha ninja when the army sets out to destroy Konoha once and for all. Unfortunately for the Sky brigade, Shino had sneaked on board of their ships, as per Shikamaru's plan, and released his insects to destroy the aircraft carriers and the Sky ninja. The captain was seized with despair and incomprehension as his subordinates panicked and were sent plummeting into the sea. He then saw, to his horror, the insects devouring the ship and causing damage to their structure, and then he was killed by the collapsing ship.

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