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  • Inside the Shushuya.
  • A bartender serving drinks.

The Shushuya (酒酒屋, Literally meaning: Sake Sake Store) is a Chinese-styled restaurant/pub in Konohagakure that sells their own brand of choice sake and serves large-platter cooking, when all the food is put on a single large plate. Jiraiya took Tsunade here for a drink before he left the village to infiltrate Amegakure. Its sake (日本酒, nihonshu) and yakitori roasted on a charcoal fire (炭火焼き鳥, sumibi yakitori) are very popular.


The restaurant is large with pillars that supports the building, high ceilings with multiple small lights, a bar with stools that display most of their alcohol, and multiple wooden booths for the customers to sit in.

Other Media

The restaurant also made an appearance in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3, where the player can enter when spending time with Kurenai Yūhi and Kiba Inuzuka, and help Hanabi Hyūga buy an item for her father, Hiashi.

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