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== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==
* "Shura" means "carnage".
* "Shura" means "carnage".

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修羅 Shura
Anime Naruto Episode #209
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male
Status Deceased


Shura (修羅, Shura) was the acting leader of the criminal group Shinobazu.


Shura had long brown hair and has red makeup on his face and chin. He also wore headgear, his standard clothing, and he is also seen with an umbrella on his back which he uses as a weapon.


Shura's weapon of choice was an umbrella, which he was rather adept in using it. This umbrella has many hidden modifications, it could fire multiple senbon, shoot intense flames like a flamethrower, shoot metal wires to immobilise the opponents, and had a hidden sword that can be drawn to give a final blow. Shura calls his technique assassination techniques instead of ninja techniques. He could also use it to glide in midair and after Naruto defeats Shura, he uses his umbrella to land on the ground.

Part I

Shinobazu Arc

Shura kidnaps Akio. Naruto and the others go to Shinobazu's base to free him. Shura beats Akio demanding to know where Gantetsu hid the stolen treasure. Todoroki charges in and Gantetsu gets captured. The building burns and Todoroki panics, but overcomes his fears to help Gantetsu and his brother escape. Naruto fights Shura and defeats him with Rasengan sending him plummeting to his death in the forests below.


  • "Shura" means "carnage".
Facts about "Shura"RDF feed
Appears inAnime +
ClassificationMissing-nin +
Debut anime209 +
GenderMale +
NameShura +
PictureShura +
SpeciesHuman +
StatusDeceased +
TeamShinobazu +
Voice ActorsKeijin Okuda + and Christopher Corey Smith +

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