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Debut (Anime)

Naruto Shippūden the Movie

Appears in

Anime only


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Land of Demons


The Gang of Four

Nature Type
  • Water (main) (while under chakra enhancement)
  • Fire (secondary) (while under chakra enhancement)

Naruto Shippūden the Movie

Shizuku the lone female member of Yomi's team on a quest to release Mouryō. During the first encounter with Naruto and his team, she demonstrated impressive fire-chakra skills. During the second battle, Shizuku performs the initial attack to separate Shion from her protectors by attacking them with an enormous Water Dragon. During which, Neji is surprised to see that she has such tremendous mastery of water-chakra when during the previous fight, he detected no such chakra in her.

After the Naruto's team separates, Shizuku faces off against Naruto. Immediately, Naruto is forced on the defensive from her incredible water-based attacks. Eventually Naruto manages to outmaneuver her and hit her with a Rasengan, only to see her laugh if off by turning into water and escaping. Later, after Neji deduces the secret behind the enemy's unusual power, Shizuku and her team get tricked into using up their enhanced chakra. While weakened, Sakura strikes and finishes her off.


Shizuku's is shown to be a graceful fighter with manuevers that appear like a rhythmic gymnast. Her primary battle tactics while under the influence of Yomi's dark chakra revolve around water-chakra. She can easily create such mass-scale jutsu that can overwhelm the entire area or attack from huge distances. If faced with a life-threatening attack, she can turn herself into water.

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