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シセル Shiseru
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #290
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Female Female
  • Part II: 32
  • Part II: 178 cm1.78 m
    5.84 ft
    70.079 in
  • Militia Officer

Shiseru (シセル, Shiseru) is an officer from the Hachō Village.


Shiseru grew up with Dokku, referring to him as brother. During their youth, she accidentally fell from a cliff roughly fifty meters high onto a tree. This incident left her with several severe scars across her torso. Dokku's inability to save her from the fall caused him to become a guard for Tonika Village, but their relationship to become distant over the years until they were practically strangers to one another.


She appears to be very formal, but also has a serious, and cautious side, seen when she threatens Yamato with her sword before she interrogates him.


Shiseru is a a fair-skinned woman with shoulder-length, black hair, most of which is combed back with a few strands falling into her face. She has blue eyes and full lips. She wears a dark blue uniform with gold trimmings.


Shiseru fighting

Shiseru skilfully fighting.

Shiseru appears to be a capable swordswoman, displaying the ability to catch Yamato under the chin with her blade before he could react. She also managed to skilfully fight several shinobi at once, being very nimble and fast. She is strong enough to cut off a human limb with ease and showed also some skills in taijutsu, able to counter a strike by blocking the arm with her hand.

Part II

Chikara Arc

Shiseru interrogates Yamato

Shiseru interrogates Yamato.

She went with the village head and some other soldiers of her home-town to the destroyed Tonika Village to investigate the incident. After questioning Yamato about their purpose, she takes him and Sai to Disonasu. Shortly after they hear a loud noise and head into the direction. Shiseru and the other soldiers are attacked by Kabuto Yakushi's reincarnated shinobi. She manages to defeat two opponents, just to see that they have regenerative powers.

Facts about "Shiseru"RDF feed
Age32 +
Appears inAnime +
Debut anime510 +
GenderFemale +
Height178 cm (1.78 m, 5.84 ft, 70.079 in) +
LoyaltyHachō Village +
NameShiseru +
PictureShiseru +
SpeciesHuman +
StatusAlive +
Voice ActorsKotono Mitsuishi +

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