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Shirogane Three
Shirogane Three
Game Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2
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Team Info

The Shirogane Three was a three-man cell led by Ibushi of the Shirogane clan.

Main Goal

Their main objective was to revive the Master Puppet and destroy the Five Great Shinobi Countries using it.

Separate Objectives

Each member had the objective to get the Spirit Orbs from Naruto and his friends, in which they succeeded, with the cost of their own lives.

  1. Menō's goal was to get the Spirit Orb with her Insect Drones. She succeeded, but died in a fight against Naruto, Gaara and Kankurō.
  2. Gandō's goal was to get the Spirit Orb with his Elemental Puppets. He succeeded, but also fell in battle.
  3. Ibushi's goal was to revive the Master Puppet by stalling time using his Lizard Puppet, which fought Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi. Ibushi, however, died at the hands of Kakashi.