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しなやかな Shinayakana
Anime Naruto Episode #174
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male
Status Presumed Deceased
  • Bandit

Shinayakana (しなやかな, Shinayakana) was a bandit alongside his brother.


He seemed to be very consumed with money, thinking it would defeat all his opponent.


Shinayakana was a tall gaunt man, with greyish brown hair, going down to his shoulders. He had black eyes, and large upper teeth. He wore a green tank top and a red tie. on his lower arms he had bandages, and on his upper arms he had a couple of band that were red with a blueish line going through it.

Part I

Daimyō Heir Escort Mission

Shinayakana and his partner tried to trick Kunihisa with some roasted fish, but was easily beaten by Naruto Uzumaki. They later showed up further down the river, where they found a lot of the cash Kunihisa had thrown around. With this cash they bribed Kunihisa's other bodyguards, and made them capture him. Naruto then arrived and easily freed Kunihisa, and then fled from the other men. When Naruto and Kunihisa reached a cliff, the bandits found them again, here Naruto threw a rope onto the other side and gave it to Kunihisa and then pushed him over the edge. Shinayakana held onto Kunihisa, but fell down from the cliff into the darkness. After this his status is unknown.


  • His name was only known through the credits.
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