Shikamaru's Genius!!

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"Shikamaru's Genius!!"
Chapter 337
(シカマルの才!!, Shikamaru no Sai!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Shikamaru's Battle!! (#37)
Previous "Turnabout, Predicament…!!"
Chapter Naruto #337
Next "When you Curse Someone…"
Arc Hidan and Kakuzu Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #86
None in this Chapter
Strange Mask Exploding FlameSuper Open Hand SlapTyphoon Water Vortex TechniqueWater Release: Tearing Torrent
None in this Chapter
"Shikamaru's Genius!!" (シカマルの才!!, Shikamaru no Sai!!) is chapter 337 of the original Naruto manga.


Shikamaru tries to sneak up on Hidan and cut off his head, but Hidan dodges in time. Shikamaru tells him how Kakashi had earlier managed to fill a capsule with some of Kakuzu's blood. When Hidan thought he had obtained some of Shikamaru's blood and formed a link with him, he had actually linked himself with Kakuzu. Shikamaru catches him with his shadow again. Meanwhile, Kakuzu has collapsed. Chōji tries to destroy his masks before they can reach Kakuzu but is unsuccessful. Kakuzu takes one of the masks' hearts and merges with the remaining two so that they will always be nearby. The two masks attack with a combined fire and wind release technique, which the newly arrived Team 7 neutralises with a combined water and wind technique to protect Team 10.

Facts about "Shikamaru's Genius!!"RDF feed
ArcHidan and Kakuzu Arc +
Chapter number337 +
English nameShikamaru's Genius!! +
Kanji nameシカマルの才!! +
MangaNaruto +
NamesShikamaru's Genius!! +, シカマルの才!! + and Shikamaru no Sai!! +
PictureChapter 337 +
Romaji nameShikamaru no Sai!! +
Volume number37 +

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