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|top={{Looking for|volume 37 of the [[Naruto Series|Naruto manga]]|chapter 332|Shikamaru's Battle!! (chapter)|Shikamaru's Battle!!}}
|top={{Looking for|volume 37 of the manga|chapter 332|Shikamaru's Battle!!}}
|english=Shikamaru's Battle!!
|english=Shikamaru's Battle!!
|romaji=Shikamaru no Tatakai!!
|romaji=Shikamaru no Tatakai!!
|japanese release=April 4, 2007
|japanese release=April 4, 2007
|japanese isbn=978-4-08-874338-7
|japanese isbn=978-4-08-874338-7

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This is the article on volume 37 of the manga. If you are looking for the article on chapter 332, head to Shikamaru's Battle!!.
Shikamaru's Battle!!
(シカマルの戦い!!, Shikamaru no Tatakai!!)
Volume Info
Previous Team 10
Volume 37 (Read Online)
Next The Fruits of the Training…!!
Release Date
Japanese April 4, 2007 ISBN (978-4-08-874338-7) Icon - Search
English February 3, 2009 ISBN (978-1-4215-2173-2) Icon - Search
Wind Release: RasenganShadow Imitation Shuriken TechniqueShadow Gathering TechniqueWind Release: Pressure DamageLightning Release: False DarknessFire Release: Intelligent Hard WorkWater Release: Tearing TorrentTyphoon Water Vortex TechniqueSuper Open Hand SlapWind Release: Rasenshuriken

Shikamaru's Battle!! (シカマルの戦い!!, Shikamaru no Tatakai!!) is volume 37 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 330

"The Sad News…!!" (悲しき報せ…!!, Kanashiki Shirase…!!)

The Sad News…!!

Chapter 331

"Team 10 Sets Out…!!" (第十班が行く…!!, Daijippan ga Iku…!!)

Team 10 Sets Out…!!

Chapter 332

"Shikamaru's Battle!!" (シカマルの戦い!!, Shikamaru no Tatakai!!)

Shikamaru's Battle!!

Chapter 333

"Affinities…!!" (相性…!!, Aishō…!!)


Chapter 334

"The Black Transformation…!!" (黒き変貌…!!, Kuroki Henbō…!!)

The Black Transformation…!!

Chapter 335

"The Horrible Secret!!" (恐るべき秘密!!, Osorubeki Himitsu!!)

The Horrible Secret!!

Chapter 336

"Turnabout, Predicament…!!" (一転、窮地…!!, Itten, Kyūchi…!!)

Turnabout, Predicament…!!

Chapter 337

"Shikamaru's Genius!!" (シカマルの才!!, Shikamaru no Sai!!)

Shikamaru's Genius!!

Chapter 338

"When you Curse Someone…" (人を呪わば…, Hito o Norowaba…)

When you Curse Someone…

Chapter 339

"The New Technique…!!" (新術…!!, Shinjutsu….!!)

The New Technique…!!

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