Shikamaru's Analysis!!

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"Shikamaru's Analysis!!"
(シカマルの分析!!, Shikamaru no Bunseki!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Team 10 (#36)
Previous "God's Judgement!!"
Chapter 324
Next "There Won't be a Later…!!"
Arc Hidan and Kakuzu Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #78
None in this Chapter
"Shikamaru's Analysis!!" (シカマルの分析!!, Shikamaru no Bunseki!!) is chapter 324 of the original Naruto manga.


With Hidan in his transformed state, Asuma finds that all the damage he does to Hidan is also done to him. This also applies to damage that Hidan does to himself, a fact he takes advantage of by stabbing himself to immobilize Asuma. He tries to stab himself in the heart to finish of Asuma, but is caught and stopped by Shikamaru's shadow. While straining to keep Hidan from finishing his attack, Shikamaru analyses his actions and discovers how Hidan has linked himself with Asuma.

Facts about "Shikamaru's Analysis!!"RDF feed
ArcHidan and Kakuzu Arc +
Chapter number324 +
English nameShikamaru's Analysis!! +
Kanji nameシカマルの分析!! +
MaintenanceMissing image +
NamesShikamaru's Analysis!! +, シカマルの分析!! + and Shikamaru no Bunseki!! +
Romaji nameShikamaru no Bunseki!! +
Volume number36 +

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