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シゲザネ Shigezane
Novel Gaara Hiden: A Sandstorm Mirage
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Shigezane (シゲザネ, Shigezane) is a shinobi of Sunagakure and a member of the Hōki family.


In his past, Shigezane was mentored by Fourth Kazekage, Rasa in using his specialised Water Release chakra for mining purposes so that he could collect Gold Dust for him. Eventually, he began a romantic relationship with Hakuto. At some point, Suna Council member Tōjūrō came to Hakuto with a plan to have her wed Fifth Kazekage, Gaara against her will. Though the family was pleased, Hakuto and Shijima conspired to stage an elaborate kidnapping so she could runaway with Shigezane not knowing they were falling for Tōjūrō's elaborate plan.


Shigezane bears a strong resemblance to Gaara but has black hair.


Nature Transformation

Capable of using a highly specialised Water Release abilities for mining purposes, Shigezane was trained from a young age to hone his abilities. He can utilise water in the form a geyser to cut his enemies apart or manipulate it into the shape of javelins for greater penetration. He also showed the ability to use Water Release shuriken.


Coupled with his power, Shigezane is a master strategist. He carefully chose a location for his battle with Gaara and used the crystallised sand to his advantage as he soaked the area before hand to create a quicksand whirlpool.


  • (To Gaara) "Are you saying the Kazekage bloodline is special? Is the chakra of jinchūriki and the chakra of us normal humans so different? Are you saying that no matter how hard we try, those of us with weak bloodlines have no right to be happy?!"[1]


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