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{{Looking for|the OVA character|the blastsword|Shibuki (sword)|Shibuki}}
{{Looking for|the OVA character|the blastsword|Shibuki (sword)|Shibuki}}
{{translation|'''Shibuki'''|シブキ|Shibuki}} is a [[chūnin]] from [[Takigakure]] who was first shown in ''[[Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village!]]''.
{{translation|'''Shibuki'''|シブキ|Shibuki}} is a [[chūnin]]-level [[shinobi]] from [[Takigakure]] who was first shown in ''[[Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village!]]''.
== Personality ==
== Personality ==

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This is the article on the OVA character. If you are looking for the article on the blastsword, head to Shibuki.
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シブキ Shibuki
Anime Naruto Episode #198
Novel Naruto: Mission: Protect The Waterfall Village (novel)
OVA Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village!
Appears in Anime, Novel
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Part I: 20
  • Village Head
Ninja Rank
Nature Type


Shibuki (シブキ, Shibuki) is a chūnin-level shinobi from Takigakure who was first shown in Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village!.


He is the son of the village's previous leader, who died protecting his village after drinking the Hero Water. It is because of his father's early demise that Shibuki is a coward. Even though Shibuki is timid, he is a competent leader, and always comes through when necessary.


Shibuki has ink black eyes and has long, dark brown hair. He also wears a forehead protector symbolising his shinobi status. He wears grey pants, a green shirt, and ninja sandals.


Despite his lack of confidence, Shibuki is shown to be a fairly capable battler, demonstrating proficiency in several water-type techniques. He also had the Hero Water to increase his strength several times for a duration, at the cost of a small portion of his lifespan.

Plot Overview

Shibuki And His Father

Shibuki as a child with his father.

Shibuki is first seen cowering behind Sakura Haruno while Team 7 was protecting him after a bird flew out of nowhere and surprised him. Though he is often cowardly, his entire village loves him and sees him as a hero. The children especially seem to like him.

When Takigakure was attacked by his former teacher, Suien, upon his return, he was forced to make a terrible choice: to either protect the Hero Water and let his villagers be killed, or give up the water which Takigakure treasured. Naruto Uzumaki convinced him a hero is willing to sacrifice himself for those they care about, like Shibuki's father had done.

File:Mission Protect the Waterfall Village!.JPG

He ended up drinking the Hero Water in an attempt to defeat his former master, but was unable to win even with the advantage. The combined efforts of Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha, however, finished the job. Although the hero's water is usually fatal, Shibuki survived, and became a better leader for his people.

Part I

Trap Master Arc

When Tsunade mentioned that a training exercise would be taking place in Takigakure, a scene in the village showed Shibuki with his back turned to the camera. He was directing the other ninja present.


  • Shibuki (飛沫, Shibuki) literally means "Splash".
  • He makes a brief appearance on episode 198 in Part I. This marks his first appearance of from an OVA appearing in the main series.

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