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シャバダバ Shabadaba
Movie Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom
Appears in Movie
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
  • King of Land of Moon
    Minister of Land of Moon

Shabadaba (シャバダバ, Shabadaba) was a former friend and minister to Kakeru Tsuki, king of the Land of the Moon.


Unlike the king's noble visions, Shabadaba only desired wealth and power. After hearing that Kakeru was planning to use the country's wealth to assist the poor, as well as decreasing taxes, Shabadaba betrays his friend and hires Ishidate, Kongō, and Karenbana, to assassinate Kakeru and his bloodline Michiru and Hikaru so that Shabadaba can inherit the title of "king".


Shabadaba is a very greedy individual. Unlike his friend Kakeru, he is self-centred and cruel, and only cares about money. Shabadaba believes that everything revolves around money, and is willing to betray and murder his friend to gain it. He claims to Michiru that he wishes to become a king so he can eat all the delicious food he can to gain a fat body like the prince, in his desire to live richly and luxuriously. Given the fact that he is willing to commit treasonous acts for his own desire, Shabadaba holds no true regards to friendship or loyalty.

Aside from his greed, disloyalty and cruelty, Shabadaba is also a sadist, as when Michiru was captured, instead of killing him outright, Shabadaba devised a method to watch Michiru struggle before dying, in order to entertain himself to prevent the execution from being boring. He can also enter a violent temper when things do not go as he wishes to, as he threw a tantrum when his guards failed to capture Michiru and Hikaru, when reliving the moments of Kakeru's desire to spend the kingdom's wealth for the poor, and when Ishidate refuses to listen to his orders any more. All this led to his downfall, as by prolonging Michiru's death allowed Team 7 to rescue the captive king, and by arguing against a deranged Ishidate led to his death.


Shabadaba is a short, portly man with short brown hair that juts out on the sides (giving the slight resemblance to horns), sideburns, and a thick moustache. He wore regal purple robes over a white one, with a gold collar-like necklace, and a pink sash over his left shoulder. His fingers are adorned with gold rings with jewels and his ears had earrings.

Plot Overview

When Michiru was captured, he arranged for Michiru to be hanged. His forces came into conflict between Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Rock Lee, Kakashi Hatake, the rebels, and the circus performers. An enraged Ishidate plans on killing Naruto and Hikaru. Shabadaba tries to remind Ishidate of his mission to kill Michiru, resulting in Ishidate unknowingly grabbing Shabadaba's collar with his petrification gauntlet (which was activated at the time) turning him into stone. As Naruto defeats Ishidate, the force of his attack propels the ninja into Shabadaba, shattering him.


  • Out of the three first movies' villain masterminds, Shabadaba is the only one who had no ninjutsu or fighting abilities whatsoever: Dotō Kazahana had Ice Release ninjutsu, while Haido used the power of the Stone of Gelel. Also, he is the only one who wasn't killed by Naruto intentionally, since the Rasengan was meant for Ishidate personally. Also, out of the three mastermind villains, he is the only one who Naruto has no dialogue or even interaction with.

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