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Lord Shu
(シュウ, Shū)
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #309
Appears in Anime only
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Lord

Shū (シュウ, Shū) is the son of the daimyō of the Land of That, a country near the Land of Fire.


This Daimyō, Shū and Chiyo2

Shū with This Daimyō and Chiyo watching the eating contest.

Shū was an eating contest's viewer alongside princess Chiyo and her father, the daimyō of the Land of This. During the contest, Tatewaki told Shū that it was time to train, so they went practicing kendō with two wooden swords. The samurai's experience was higher when compared to Shū's, and he was therefore having lot of trouble figthing back, until Chiyo appeared and stopped Tatewaki by telling him that he shouldn't be so rude, finishing the training. Later, Ino used her Mind Body Switch Technique to control Shū and to pretend to go to the bathroom.

Shū, Chiyo and Team 10

Naruto and Team 10 escorting Shū and Chiyo.

Naruto use the Transformation Technique to impersonate Shū and Shikamaru gives Shu a letter from his father, the daimyō of the Land of That, telling him what would happen. Later, the Land of This is attacked by Akatsuki. In this invasion, the daimyō of the country is killed but, thanks to Naruto and Tatewaki, Shū is able to escape alongside Chiyo. After that, they go to the Land of That.


Shū outwardly seemed to be of a happy disposition, enjoying the food-eating contest which he was watching, however, he was shown to be disappointed when he was told by Tatewaki that it was time for his lessons in kendō. During this lesson he was shown to resent his role as a hostage and thus questioning the need to train in swordplay when all he had to do was behave. When answered that fate was unpredictable, he replied that his was unchangeable. Shū was shown to be quite curious, since, having never seen the town outside of the castle due to him being a hostage in the castle, he wanted to explore it before leaving, even begging Shikamaru to grant his wish. It was heavily implied that he had feelings for Chiyo as he went back to the castle to assure her safety during an attack and blushing when asked about her. He also showed a taste for ramen.


Lord Shū

Shū's casual look.

Shū has light purple eyes and long light-brown, hair which he kept in a ponytail apart from two bangs which framed his face. When in public, he wears a small headband consisting of a thin cord of light-purple cloth whose ends connect on his forehead in an object reminiscent of a golden pearl. He also wears a necklace set with a red pearl and two blue small pearls.

When being with Shikamaru, Ino, and Chōji, Shū has his hair down to his waist. He wears a light blue kimono with a light green shirt inside, a light purple belt around his waist, green pants, and wooden sandals.


While little is shown of his abilities, Shū has received lessons in kendō by Tatewaki, a skilled teacher.

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