Seven Heavens Breathing Method

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Seven Heavens Breathing Method
Seven Heavenly Breaths
Kanji 七天呼法
Rōmaji Shichi Tenkohō
English anime Seven Heavenly Breaths
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #401
Appears in Anime
Class Supplementary

A taijutsu breathing method that Shira invented by gathering up large amounts of oxygen to increase his lung capacity fourfold, he is granted strength similar to the Eight Gates, even including similar physical changes to the user. It is unknown if it comes with the same repercussions as the Eight Gates.


Much like the Eight Gates, this technique has several stages or "activations" (活性, kassei):

  1. The first activation (第一活性, daiichi kassei) causes Shira's eyes to go completely white and he starts to give off a yellow aura.
  2. The second activation (第二活性, daini kassei) causes his body to expand slightly, his muscles becoming distinctly more prominent.
  3. The third activation (第三活性, daisan kassei) causes his skin to go red and appears roughly equivalent to the Gate of Life.

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