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editSenta Browse icon
センタ Senta
Anime Naruto Episode #97
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Loan Collector

Senta (センタ, Senta) is a member of the Akagi Gang.

Appearance Edit

Senta has short spiky brown hair and black eyes. He keeps two pieces of his hair longer in the front to frame his face. He wore a dark-coloured T-shirt under his greenish-coloured vest. He had a sword on his left upper thigh. He has a greenish-coloured gauze wrapped around his head tied on the right side. He also wore long lower arm sleeves that were black in colour.

Abilities Edit

He carried a sword which most likely means he is capable of wielding a blade in combat.

Part I Edit

Search for Tsunade Edit

He was sent with his partner, Bunzō, to collect money that Tsunade owes to their boss. To blackmail her, they steal the First Hokage's Necklace. They believed that the necklace still belonged to Tsunade. However, it really belonged to Naruto Uzumaki, who fought them to get the necklace back. Afterwards, they explain their position: Either they get the money back or they have to keep trying to get it back without getting to go home and see their families. Naruto then agreed to help collect on Tsunade's debt. Ironically, they later find out Tsunade had paid their boss back his money when she and Shizune had visited their village a year before.

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