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[[de:Nidaime Raikage]]
[[de:Nidaime Raikage]]
[[es:Segundo Raikage]]
[[ru:Второй Райкаге]]
[[ru:Второй Райкаге]]

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Nidaime Raikage

(二代目雷影, Nidaime Raikage)
Manga Chapter #527
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #269
Appears in Anime and Manga
Gender Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
Ninja Rank

The Second Raikage (二代目雷影, Nidaime Raikage; Literally meaning "Second Lightning Shadow") was the second leader of Kumogakure.


During his tenure, the Second Raikage entered Kumogakure into a formal alliance with Konohagakure. During the ceremony, both he, and the Second Hokage were ambushed by the Gold and Silver Brothers, who were attempting to stage a coup d'état. It is unknown what happened to the Raikage, but the Hokage was said to have barely escaped with his life.[1]


The Second Raikage was a dark-skinned man with a broad, flat nose and dark eyes which had markings underneath them. He had long, black hair which was styled in a peculiar manner — some jutted out at the top while some was combed down to his shoulders along with a stylised beard which tapered off to his chest. He also had sideburns which curved inwards, just underneath his eyes. He wore the standard attire of the Kumo-nin which included a white forehead protector, a high-collared shirt with mesh armour underneath. Over all this he wore a flak jacket which was seemingly decorated with medals of sorts. He also wore plated armour that covered his right shoulder reminiscent of those worn by samurai. He also has a gold-coloured, rectangular marking on his nose.


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