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Second Kazekage1

(二代目風影, Nidaime Kazekage)
Manga Chapter #648
Appears in Manga only
Gender Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
Ninja Rank

The Second Kazekage (二代目風影, Nidaime Kazekage; Literally meaning "Second Wind Shadow") was the former leader of Sunagakure. He was the first to research the jinchūriki, in an attempt to greatly enhance the power of the village.[1]


First Gokage meeting

The first ever summit of the Kage is convened.

Before becoming Kazekage, he accompanied the First Kazekage to the first ever Five Kage summit. There, he listened on as the meeting proceeded and later to the other allied villages, as well as Hashirama Senju's plea for cooperation between the five hidden villages.[2]


Nidaime Kazekage

The Second Kazekage's statue with ceremonial robes.

The Second Kazekage was a seemingly bald man though he may have had locks of hair at the back of his head. His most distinctive feature was an intricate dragon-shaped tattoo which was tattooed around the top head, with the claw covering his right eye. His attire consisted of a dark-coloured kimono held close by a light-coloured sash over which he wore a plain, long-sleeved haori.


Though not much is known about his abilities, the fact that he was appointed the Second Kazekage indicates he was undoubtedly a powerful shinobi. Even before becoming a Kage, he was presumably skilled enough to accompany the First to the Summit of the Kage. The Second was apparently a very knowledgeable and tactical shinobi, as he was the first Sunagakure shinobi to do research on the jinchūriki.

Part II

Infinite Tsukuyomi Arc

Combined Kage summoning

The deceased Kage summoning Team 7 and the tailed beasts.

Subsequent to Kaguya Ōtsutsuki being sealed by Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, he and the other deceased Kage were summoned from the Pure Land by Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki to aid him and the Hokage in summoning Team 7, the tailed beasts and Madara Uchiha from Kaguya's dimension. Later, his and the other Kage's souls were returned to the Pure Land.


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