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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
* [[Barrier Encampment Method]]
* [[Barrier Encampment Method]]
[[es:Estreno de Escuadrón de Sellos Bomba]]

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Sealed Bomb Square Release
Kanji 方爆法陣
Rōmaji Fūbaku Hōjin
Literal English Sealed Bomb Square Release
English anime Capture and Arrest Jutsu
Alternative names Seal and Capture Perimetre
Anime Naruto Episode #147
Appears in Anime
Classification Ninjutsu, Barrier Ninjutsu
Class Supplementary
Range Short-range
Hand seals Monkey → Horse → Dog → Ram

An array of explosive tags are placed around an area that can be detonated with a hand seal and should their opponent attempt to move, the tags explode. Since the target is unable to move a team-mate will then be able to attack them with no problem. The tags can be shut off by the controller.

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