Sea Route of Silence Gang

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Sea Route of Silence Gang
The gang of the sea route
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #229
Appears in Anime only
Team Info

A group which uses unusual tactics to attack ships and acquire any treasures they might possess.

Part II

Adventures at Sea Arc

Before any travellers go through the Sea Route of Silence, they stop on a small port town to stock up on food and water, since once they get into the route, it takes two weeks to leave it. While the travellers are stocking up, they find a way to put a Moulding Mushroom in their rations. Due to the mushroom's properties, it destroys their rations, leaving travellers to starve to death, or poisoned to death by eating the mushrooms. When the boat leaves the route after two weeks, with its passengers dead, they come in and take anything valuable.

The group was defeated by Naruto and his group when they managed to have an unexpected provision of insect-composed meals made by Shima, brought by Gamatatsu via the Reverse Summoning Technique. With their energy replenished, Naruto's group defeated the gang and sent them back with only one Moulding Mushroom as their "provision", while ignoring their pleas for mercy.

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