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上下サユウ Jōge Sayū
Anime Boruto Episode #1
Appears in Anime, Novel
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Gender Gender Male Male
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Sayū Jōge (上下サユウ, Jōge Sayū) is a citizen of Konohagakure.

New Era

Academy Arc

Upon enrolling into the Academy, Sayū was placed in Shino Aburame's homeroom.

When his class was assigned to split into groups of three and partake in a local workplace, Sayū got work experience at the village's fire department with Metal Lee and Inojin Yamanaka.

School Trip Arc

Sayū and his class went to Kirigakure for a field trip, where they were greeted by their tour guide, Kagura Karatachi.

Graduation Arc

Sayū appears in this arc.

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