Sasuke vs. Gaara!!

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Sasuke vs. Gaara!!

Chapter 111

(サスケVS我愛羅!!, Sasuke Bāsasu Gaara!!)

Chapter Info
Volume The Chūnin Exams, Concluded…!!
Previous At Last…!!
Chapter 111
Next Sasuke's Taijutsu…!!
Arc Chūnin Exam Arc
Anime Naruto #66
None in this Chapter

Sand Clone

None in this Chapter
Sasuke vs. Gaara!! (サスケVS我愛羅!!, Sasuke Bāsasu Gaara!!) is chapter 111 of the Naruto manga.


As the fight between Sasuke and Gaara commences, Kakashi apologises to Sakura for worrying her by being late. He then remarks to Guy about the ANBU presence in the stadium, Konoha not knowing how or when they will be attacked. Naruto, knowing how dangerous Gaara is, realises that the only person who can currently satisfy his blood-lust is Sasuke. At the same moment, Sasuke begins attacking Gaara fast enough to bypass his Shield of Sand, oddly reminiscent of Lee's fighting style.

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