Sasuke Disqualified…?!

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"Sasuke Disqualified…?!"
Chapter 106
(サスケ失格…!?, Sasuke Shikkaku…!?, Viz: Sasuke Forfeits…?!)
Chapter Info
Volume Volume #12 (#12)
Previous "The Great Flight!!"
Chapter Naruto #106
Next "The Guy with Zero Motivation!!"
Arc Chūnin Exams (Arc)
Anime Naruto #63Naruto #64
"Sasuke Disqualified…?!" (サスケ失格…!?, Sasuke Shikkaku…!?, Viz: Sasuke Forfeits…?!) is chapter 106 of the original Naruto manga.


The second match of the finals is scheduled to be between Sasuke and Gaara. Since Sasuke is missing the Third Hokage considers disqualifying him, but the Fourth Kazekage suggests postponing the match since so many members of the audience are looking forward to it. The fight between Shino and Kankurō is to take place but Kankurō, having expected the Konoha Crush to begin before his match, forfeits so that he doesn't need to reveal his puppet's modifications. Shikamaru versus Temari takes place instead. When Shikamaru shows little enthusiasm, Temari attacks him.

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