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{{translation|'''Sasuke'''|サスケ|Sasuke}} could refer to either:
{{translation|'''Sasuke'''|サスケ|Sasuke}} could refer to either:
* '''[[Sasuke Uchiha]]''', one of the main protagonists/antagonists of the series.
* '''[[Sasuke Uchiha]]''', one of the main characters of the series.
* '''[[Sasuke Sarutobi]]''', a member of the [[Sarutobi clan]], after whom Sasuke Uchiha is named.
* '''[[Sasuke Sarutobi]]''', a member of the Sarutobi clan.
* '''[[Sasuke Uchiha!!]]''', chapter 3 of ''Naruto'' manga.
* '''[[Sasuke Uchiha!!]]''', chapter 3 of the manga.

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Sasuke (サスケ, Sasuke) could refer to either:

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