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"Sasuke's Power!!"
(サスケの力!!, Sasuke no Chikara!!, Viz: Sasuke's Strength!!)
Chapter Info
Volume The Time of Reunion…!! (#34)
Previous "Whim…!!"
Chapter Naruto #308
Next "A Conversation with the Nine-Tails!!"
Arc Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission
Anime Naruto Shippūden #52
"Sasuke's Power!!" (サスケの力!!, Sasuke no Chikara!!, Viz: Sasuke's Strength!!) is chapter 308 of the original Naruto manga.


Sai prevents Sasuke from attacking Naruto. Sasuke uses Chidori Current to repel both of them and the rest of Team 7, then proceeds to pin Yamato to a rock with his sword. Naruto, frustrated, struggles within his subconscious to refuse the Nine-Tails' offers of power. He tells the fox that he is no longer interested and to stop bothering him, but is interrupted by Sasuke.

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