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  • Unique traits: Makibishi
  • Seiyu: Sanae Kobayashi
  • Voice Actor: Michelle Ruff

Sasame (ササメ) is a young kunoichi of the Fuma clan. In search for her older cousin, Arashi, she helped Naruto, Jiraiya, and Sakura find Orochimaru's lair in the Land of the Rice Fields. She almost betrayed them for Kamikiri, Kagero, and Jigumo, but after the trio's defeat, Jiraiya convinced her to become neutral after he prevented her suicide. Later, she saves Naruto from Kagero's (who was disguised as Kabuto) heart connecting technique. When she met Arashi, she saw what had become of her cousin she decided to help Naruto and Sakura in defeating him. After the incident, she decided to join forces with the remaining members of the Fuma clan to rebuild the clan's former glory.

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