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参 San
Movie Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Will of Fire
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Gender Gender Male Male
Status Deceased

San (, San) was the antagonist that appeared in Naruto Shippūden 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire. He was a shinobi and one of Hiruko's three followers, along with Ichi and Ni.


He almost perfectly resembled his team-mate, Ichi, except that he had three rectangular marks on his forehead, his bang on his right side, and that while San wears his cloak on the left side of his shoulder and straps from the right shoulder going down, Ichi wore them the opposite direction. This cloak of his had the same three rectangular markings on it that were on San's forehead. It is unclear if the two of them were twins.


He can summon a bird-like creature that has many modifications. It can shoot feathers and exploding projectiles with pin-point accuracy. The creature also had jet-like modifications that allow it to have short bursts of speed. San can summon Ichi, and Ni to merge with him via the Chimera Technique. The merged beast was a combination of all their summoned animals with all their abilities. He also appears to be able to break the Mind Body Switch Technique that Ino Yamanaka deployed immediately.

Plot Overview

He fought Team Asuma, Naruto, and Sakura until Sai rescues them. Shikamaru and his team-mates fought him with their formation. Ino tried to explain their reason of coming but it does not work. After he merged with Ni and Ichi, the chimera beast was restrained by the Konoha 11, without Naruto and Sakura, before being summoned by Hiruko. The Konoha 11 fought it again, defeating it this time, thus killing him.


  • San () means "three". Likewise, his partners' names mean "one" and "two".

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